Feed a Cold

Perhaps it was a weekend staying in with a still sick roommate, or the walk in the wind and rain to the car from shutting down Dave & Buster's at the Serramonte Mall, now called the Serramonte Center, in Daly City, CA or two back-to-back 11-hour days, but I had to take a sick day. Which doesn't really mean I didn't work. I have been doing nothing but!

In between working and writing this post, I had to get some food. I didn't feel like cooking so I turned to the trusty Eat24.com website and ordered some food for delivery. I mostly get food from Favorite Indian Restaurant while using the app/website but I needed soup. And though I haven't worked out at all this week besides the 12,000+ a day steps that were done and some squats in between, I didn't hold back in ordering $40 worth of food from King Kong Chinese Restaurant, including Hot & Sour Soup, Deep Fried Wontons, Honey Walnut Prawns and Dry Braised String Beans. Yes, all for me. I offered some food to the roommate but he was not interested. I guess I will be having leftovers.

My favorite item from this evening's meal was the Deep Fried Wontons. I usually eat all of the Honey Walnut Prawns before noticing they're even gone but there seemed to be a bit more sourness added to it and not as crispy. The String Beans were soaking in sauce so they were a bit soggy. And the soup, the whole reason I ordered Chinese food was just so-so. Perhaps my taste buds are a bit off because of this cold but I wasn't impressed. Sorry, King Kong. Ha-CHOO!

Hayward & Castro Valley restaurants! Please sign up with Eat24! I would really like a lot more variety in my area. There isn't a single Thai restaurant listed.

Don't forget to also drink plenty of fluids!

Knob Creek, Disney's Grumpy, Theraflu & water in a Blender Bottle.


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