#250KChallenge 2017 - Week 5

Week five of twelve of Bodybuilding.com's #250KChallenge is happening. Almost half way through and not where I should be in my progress at all.

I foresee this to be a quick post as I was sick most of the week and didn't work out as much. The scale showed no progress today at weigh-in and I have two trips to Disneyland and Hawaii ahead. I need to take this serious.

Monday, I did hit the gym. I started the FitBit Workweek Challenge off right. That day, I started to feel a little tickle in my throat. I spent the weekend in and my roommate has been sick for awhile with a nasty cough. I think I caught this cold trying to stay home and not spend any money.

Through Tuesday and Thursday, I didn't exercise much. I was very busy with work so it definitely didn't help. Thursday, I stayed home from work. 

Then Friday, I was anxious to hit the gym and it felt really good. I left work at an unusually early hour and went at night. It was rare to hit the gym with make up on. Also, without doing dead lifts at 90 pounds in awhile, a bar was already setup so I picked it up!

Less than 12 hours later, I hit the gym again on Saturday morning. I had to work that evening for a Karl Strauss Brewing Company and SF Beer Week event but mainly was more socializing that work, really. Sometimes I do live a hard life.

Karl Strauss Brewing squad
Supporting Karl - John, my Brewer, and I. Follow Mujicians Brewing Company!
On Sunday, friends and I hiked at Briones Regional Park and went to E.J. Phair Brewing Company in Concord afterwards.

SF Giants fans & supporting On-Point Machining
Weigh in on Sunday was terrible. Progress reversed. My cough still lingered but trying to keep moving.

On to Week 6...

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