Sweet, a Top Tweet

Majority of this past holiday weekend was a GIRLS weekend. And of course, my girlfriends are always modeling Stella & Dot jewelry whenever we go out. I wouldn't have it any other way. Ahh, the benefits of being a Stylist and friends with a Stylist, eh? Friday night, my newest partner-in-crime and I went back to the scene of the crime, Kingfish, in San Mateo to blow off some steam and see my Cugino. He is a bartender there and I always give him free reigns to make whatever concoction for me. And it's always good. Of course I have no problem talking to strangers and ended up getting free beignets from the couple to my left and a stash of fries from the guys behind us. They offered! Free is good. Why I didn't Tweet about that, I don't know.

Wearing the Palamino Necklace ($138) & Pegasus ($198)

The next night we went to Texas Roadhouse where my P-I-C used to work for five years. We sat at the bar and her friend, the bartender, Michelle, was a beauty. She reminded me of a girl I used to work with at City Beach but less rough around the edges. One of the old managers was there and he recognized me from a time I came here with my ex-Roomie last year and we all just chatted it up. He bought us a round, got caught up and my girlfriend made it known she wants to come back and work there. I tweeted the below Yelp check in and it apparently made it as a Top Tweet. Thanks for letting me know, Sarah!

I'm surprised that my tweet about the hotness of a guy reading a National Geographic at the bar wasn't a Top Tweet. C'mon, that was hilarious! At least Christine favorited it.

Aww, Twitter. What would I do if I had to withhold my nonsense from the Twitterverse? I guess I'd have a lot less Facebook friends.

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