On the Road to Being a Warrior

My sister is currently awaiting training to begin in Missouri as a soldier with the National Guard. I have my Warrior Dash event on October 26, 2013 with my team and family, We R Pamily. I did that 11-day Isagenix cleanse to prep my body to get back to eating healthy and to the gym routine after my super fun-filled birthday last weekend, AND all the traveling I've been doing since April. The birthday week in itself needs its own post because it was one of the best birthday weeks I've had.

After the cleanse I lost 8 lbs and have been able to keep majority of the weight loss off. My appetite has completely changed and my taste buds are not enjoying certain foods as much as they used to. Sarah says, "I'd hate to say I told you so but..."  She's my Isagenix sponsor and sweet friend of mine. I trusted her and tried out these products. Now I do shake days when I can. The cleanse has really saved me money too. As part of the Panera loyalty program , I got a free pasty. They used to have this cornbread muffie but it's not available anymore so I went with a chocolate chip muffie. It was definitely not appealing to my taste buds and I was shocked because I love sweets.
I ended up leaving it my office 'free to eat' basket in the kitchen. And it was enjoyed some unknown coworker. I also recently had a salad from Chipotle. It is sooo good that I normally can eat a whole one. But I was only able to eat half of it. I definitely loved this cleanse and may do it again but probably not right now.

I am back at the gym and gained the Duchess title via Yelp. I wonder if I can get any percs with that.

I am also trying to jog and build my stamina for this event with my puppy and definitely eating better. I'm a MyFitnessPal user and they are giving away Striiv pedometers. You have to enter to win by posting a pic of you and a friend being healthy. I definitely have a few workout and healthy friends that I can do this with and that's really refreshing. We do hikes, I know they go the gym and take care of themselves. Here is Tanya and I about to work out this past weekend at 7am. I definitely Tweeted it to be entered to win.

Giveaways definitely are legit. I have won DVDs, CDs, concert tickets and even a trip to the Grammys in 2001 or 2002. It was pretty awesome but be aware that you will be paying for taxes on it as it's basically income.

So onward to Warrior Dash and kicking major 'puwit'. My sister wishes she was here to do it with us so it is even more motivation for me to do well for her. Wish me luck and sponsor me at http://www.stjudewarriors.org/Bernadette 

Have you participated in a Warrior Dash event?
What was your toughest obstacle?


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