Day 5 - Isagenix 9-Day Cleanse

Ah, Monday. It always feels good when you’re not breaking a sweat putting on a pair of jeans that fit JUST fine a few days ago. Yesterday was great. I slipped on some jeans that were much more comfortable than they had recently been. Could it be? I lost some weight? In the mirror, I could definitely see a difference. It’s really exciting. But I also wonder how I am going to maintain it and if I’m only half way thru with this cleanse, am I going to be rail thin by the end? I gotta hit the gym then. I really haven’t had any time in last few days.

I was so pleased to have a shake that morning that I lasted until almost 1:30 pm without lunch. I ate my 6 almonds around 12:30. It was odd just how excited I was to eat solid food after two whole days that I kinda wanted to splurge. I searched PF Chang’s website for a meal that was 600 calories or below and I selected the Shrimp in Lobster Sauce with brown rice. It also came with Hot & Sour Soup at 70 calories but I didn't eat it yesterday. The bowl was more than enough! It kind of gave me a headache afterwards and I opted out of having my afternoon almonds. I also didn't have my shake until 10 PM. I wasn't even hungry for it.

My previous post mentioned that I am an auntie to a beautiful new baby girl, Arya Alexis. Read more about Arya here. After a crazy day at work, I took my first trip over the new Eastern span of the Bay Bridge to meet my new Princess. The ride into the city was super smooth, though the ride for commuters leaving the city was a complete disaster. Traffic was backed up to the Fell Street exit. I was not looking forward to being in that on the way home. After I left the hospital at 8:45 PM, it was still backed up. I took the San Mateo Bridge home instead. I got home, made my shake and studied for my motorcycle permit test the following morning.

When you add a class license onto your existing Class C license, you have to take a test for that too. So I had to study both booklets. I was so exhausted that I crashed just before midnight but set my alarm to wake up at 5 am to study some more. I took the motorcycle safety class back in 2011 with my ex. I was the only female in the class and dropped the motorcycle three times but passed the class! I was the last one to complete the exam and when I successfully did the figure eight which was a challenge for me, all the guys cheered me on. Awesome! I had a form that let’s you waive the skills test at the DMV and gives you discount on your motorcycle insurance but I waited too long so I have to take the written and skills test. I actually attempted these tests two weeks ago, barely reading both handbooks thinking it’s just common sense, right? Nope. I failed the motorcycle test three times in one trip. What? I don’t fail. But then again, I didn't really take this seriously so rightfully so, I failed.  I immediately set up another appointment to retake it and committed to studying and passing it.  And today, I passed both on the first try! Take that!


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