Day 1 - Pre-Isagenix 9-Day Cleanse

8:30 AM
Woke up before 6 AM and had my two glasses of water before taking the dog out. Showered and then made my shake. A packet of the Creamy Vanilla powder and water. I don't have a shaker bottle and first tried to mix in a glass, thinking it wouldn't be so thick. That didn't work so I transferred it to the blender and added a few pieces of frozen mango. It was definitely thicker than my usual protein shake that I use with Muscle Milk. At first the taste wasn't too pleasant but I just chugged it down. No need to taste it. Just get it down and done. And finished it off with one Accelerator.

So far it's not so bad. I had a dream last night that I was well into my first day of my cleanse and it was easy-peasy. Then I woke up.  It's fine so far. It just sucks when you have to use the restroom while on your commute into work and traffic slows down. Not fun.

I usually have green tea in the morning since coffee makes me jittery. For awhile, I cannot so it'll just be hot water for now.

9/7 6:17 am
During the day yesterday was fine.  Keeping busy has always been key for me. It keeps my mind off what may be worrying me at the moment. So work is definitely crazy busy. I was drinking sooo much water and had a potty break way too often. When I was speaking to Sarah last night, she said you'll notice just how much you think about food. While I was getting ready for work, I wanted sushi. I love sushi but at 6:30 in the morning? 

I tried to opt out of my optional snacks (6 whole almonds!) but I was hungry so I set aside my little snack and tried to not eat them rapidly. I had a pre-packed salad from Safeway that was under 300 calories. I'm allowed 400-600 calories for my meal in between shakes so I could have eaten more but probably not by much so I didn't risk going over my calorie count.

By the time I left work at 6 pm, I noticed that I definitely wasn't hungry. I had my last snack at 3 pm and didn't have my dinner shake util 7ish after I took a longer than usual walk with Bevo, my Boston Terrier. I had plans for my girlfriend to come over and we were going to go to a party in town. That would be interesting. When she arrived she pulled out a bottle of Cupcake champagne and asked to chill it so we can crack it open later. I reminded her that I wasn't drinking. Sad for me but I have to stay committed to this.

We got to the party and was offered champagne or another cocktail. Just water for me, please. On the counter there was a fruit platter, chips, and veggies. An empty platter was eventually filled with breaded, spicy chicken tenders alongside some Ranch dressing. *drool* I love spicy food. Ah hell, I love food in general. It was touch to sip on my water, sit on a bar stool next to all this food and not be able to partake. We explained that I was doing this cleanse and couldn't have anything they offered. I hope the hostess didn't think I was just being rude. I felt tired and had to be up at 4:45 am today. I started to feel unlike myself because I love talking to and meeting new people so by the time 11 pm came around, I was incredibly exhausted and just wanted to go home. Really nice people. If I was my normal self, I'd probably be a bit more social. 

So onto Day 2.


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