Goldilocks - Daly City, California

Sometimes my Filipino-ness comes out. I'm not one to have rice with every meal, I don't have plastic on my furniture to protect it from wear and tear and I honestly don't hang out with many Filipinos. But sometimes, this 100% Filipina (thanks I crave an awesome Pancit Palabok and Shanghai Lumpia.

In my attempts and recent joy of cooking, I make a pretty good chicken adobo, adobo setaw and bibingka. On our way to the Charles Dickens Christmas Fair at the Cow Palace, Kim, my roommate and I, needed to eat. I hit the gym in the morning and she was down for brunch. Not so much a brunch option but we ended up at Goldilocks in Daly City, the city where I just happened to have been born.

We enter the restaurant, look over their menus, eye the tins of ready made dishes and were given descriptions. Kim was lost so we ordered her something she knew - adobo and rice. She loves pork buns (as do I, from China Live) so I got one of those for her to try too. I went with a meal of pancit palabok with extra sauce, shanghai lumpia with an extra order and a chicken bbq skewer. I almost got a Halo Halo as it would be the first once since I've had Chef Roy Yamaguchi's at the Hawai'i Food and Wine Festival on Maui in October.  I never really liked the treat as a kid and we were already ordering so much food, I didn't want to waste food. 

And none went to waste! I loved my pancit palabok. It was hitting the spot and making me dance in my seat. The lumpia was crispy, and Kim's adobo was pretty good. Expect it to be sitting in a lot of oil but that's what Filipinos call 'flavor.' I dab oil off my pizza and cut every piece of fat off my chicken breasts. No extra 'flavor' for me! They didn't have a turon, a banana wrapped and deep fried with sugar. Tasty. We just ordered the fried banana and it was not an equivalent substitute. Kim took her leftovers home, including the fried banana and the chicken bbq skewar which I completely forgot about!

Friendly service, clean tables and OK parking for a Saturday morning. Thankfully, there is a location in Union City. If you're in San Francisco, another great place to go to is Manila Bowl at The Market in the Twitter building at 1355 Market Street. They don't have pancit palabock everyday but when they do's very good! 



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