The Mill House - Maui, Hawaii

As an Event Planner and Coordinator, there is absolutely no way we would know or have worked with all the thousands of vendors available. I have compiled a workbook of wedding and event vendors I have come across and worked with over the years. It has their contact information, important notes such as where their costs start, what they offer, how they are different from other vendors and how we met. With my love for Hawaii and the goal to one day have property there, I am lucky to have my father, AKA my Papa Bear, and stepmom living on Maui and sending me photos of venues they come across. For instance, this is The Mill House.

They visited the property as they explored their island and noticed they had event space. They sent me photos I posted on my Facebook page even though I haven’t personally been there, yet. When I asked my Papa Bear what we were going to do the day before I had to work the Hawaii Food &Wine Festival, he asked me what I wanted to do and of course, I wanted to explore places I haven’t been to yet. I let him make the plans and I was pleased. Road trip! And the grounds! Keep reading.

Our first stop was The Mill House. I was excited to visit an event venue. Visiting a venue and envisioning where the ceremony and reception would be, or where photos would be taken always helps when recommending venues to fit the Bride and Groom’s vision. The property was large with plenty of parking. You are faced with stores, a quick window for quick bites and drinks, the cafĂ© and outdoor space. The restaurant is surrounded by ponds with fish and ducks, large pieces of historic machinery, green grounds and a few ziplines. There is not an ocean view but the mountain range is a beautiful backdrop. A ceremony may be held on some greenery with a white gazebo. The reception can take place in the restaurant with plenty indoor and outdoor seating. The circular bar is cool and rustic and the kids will love the choo choo.

On top of special events grounds, they do tours of the property and you can see all the different fruits, flowers and greens they have an abundance of. I would love to do an event here. Contact me!

See other posts soon of other stops made on this day on the beautiful island of Maui.


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