A Texan Elopement in San Francisco

"This is why I need Bernadette!" exclaims my Bride to her new husband. He nodded as if saying "Whatever makes you happy, my Love."

What does a Day Of Wedding Coordinator do? Duties may or may not include, but not limited to: Button the dress, fluff the dress, straighten the veil, share your candy with the Bride, get just as excited when it's time to get married (see SF Mayor Breed's excitement too!) and much more, including try to stay out of the Photographer's way. She also leaves them a nice note to welcome them to San Francisco.

I received a call at the Concierge desk I work at from an incoming hotel guest that were eloping from Texas. The Bride needed assistance finding someone to help on day of. "Well, I am one." Next thing I knew, I was hired.

My Bride was on top of it! She was very organized and solely needed help finding cleaners to get her dress pressed after the plane ride, a vehicle to escort the Bride, Groom, Photographer and I around the city for photos, the ceremony and the dinner with cake and champagne. I also helped finalize the timeline and made sure her sister's gift arrived on time and was placed at the best time and location as I saw fit. It was delivered to Epic Steakhouse with clear instructions on the boxes. I also aided with carrying whatever she needed, ran a quick errand for her and help flowers, helped her use the restroom, hold important paperwork, etc. 

I sent sneak peeks to someone special and he said I had a fun job. I do, indeed. 

Thank you to my Bride, Victoria, for trusting me with such an important day in her in life. Please contact me if you need assistance with your destination wedding. Willing to travel.

Happy Bride  = Happy Wedding Day for this Coordinator. I arrived to meet my Bride in great spirits and in even better hands with Felicia at Bun Bun Bridal on Grove Street. Felicia had my Bride's hair styled and make up done. Felicia was friendly, sweet and personable. She gave me tips on how to put her veil in and ways to remove it. She also set her up with tools she would need for touch ups throughout the day and recommendations on products to remove the make up. I hope to work Felicia again!

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