100 Miles!

Today, through the pain of arthritis in my foot, clavicle pain on my right side and perhaps still full of delicious fried chicken from North Carolina, I managed to run 4.3 miles to reach a record of 100 miles of training for my first half marathon. I haven't ran since I did so on the beach in Myrtle Beach and that was only two miles, but at least I got some kind of work out during that vacation.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina - SnapChat: bappletree

Back home in Hayward, CA in my San Jose Fit Expo shirt with Bodybuilding.com - SnapChat: bappletree
Nelly, my Team in Training running buddy, and our cheerleaders, Kim and Sandra, met over a delicious dinner at InternationalSmoke (link to blog post) in San Francisco and we are basically all set for our January 2019 adventure. Southwest flights are booked, a hotel thru Wyndham and Sandra's timeshare has been reserved and we are almost all set with actual Walt Disney World tickets.

International Smoke, we're a fun group! Earrings by Stella & Dot
Thank you for reading my posts on this journey to reaching 13.1 miles. The most I have ran is 11 miles. I still have not done that in one run but have been hearing that this race at Disney is all about fun. Along the path, there will be characters, breaks and pauses. That may be the case, but at this point and what my body is telling me, I believe this will be my one and only half marathon I will be participating in. I do like running and I am amazed at what my body can do so far. It has definitely helped the heart issues I had earlier this year. But I might stick to 5 and 10K races until my body gives me a bright red light to stop. With the help of some Rock Tape. 

I am doing this run for my Lolo (My New Angel), who I miss dearly. I hope he is proud of me. 

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