Make the Heart Happy

Sitting at Comstock Saloon in San Francisco with my #Instafriend, catching up. All of a sudden, while at rest enjoying her company, my heart starts to pound, The kind of pounding that you can't help but take notice of and take a deep breath to try to calm it down. I had to interrupt #Instafriend's story and say, hey, something's not right. I haven't told anyone about these episodes. It continued til I got home that night but added a bit of nausea this time. Not fun.

I called my future cousin-in-law who's a nurse. She gave me some good things to try and that my symptoms were 'ER worthy.' That scared me a bit but I tried some of the things she mentioned and waited it out. I did schedule an appointment with my doctor and went a day later.

An EKG was done (my first was at JFK airport after a stressful 6 weeks with two jobs), blood tests and of course I had an exam. All tests were normal. Medication was prescribed for when it got really bad but my doc thinks it must be stress related and I was having anxiety. I guess losing $10,000 will do that to you. Damage was caused to my condo and two units below while I was out of town with my Bride and Groom. Since I was notified that the cost was not going to be reimbursed by my insurance or the person that caused it, I went into recovery mode. Meaning, to recover the money. I worked as much as I could, I hustled more than normal and even sacrificed my social life, getting basic normal treatments done, eating Top Ramen and only buying things when they were on sale, and using every minute to make money, including working out maybe once a week. I would go every day!

After the visit to the doc, I made it a point to get back to working out. And now I'm back at it. I finally have a set schedule with mostly Friday and Saturdays off. With Bevo's separation anxiety, I’ve been opting in to staying home to work out. I have been doing two HIIT (high intensity interval training) videos per day with BodyRock videos on YouTube. It has really been helping. I do have a slight episode once in a while but nothing as intense. I think I'm back to making this heard of mine happy.

Take notice of the signs and listen to your body. You're required to have health insurance, make use of it! Wishing you all happy workouts and a long life!

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