AirBNB for B&B

Someone has developed some separation anxiety so it has become difficult to book a hotel room for Bevo, my Boston Terrier, and I when we travel. He barks when I leave him and panics in his crate now. His bark is frantic, loud and rapid. I don’t want to be that hotel guest. After our trip to Southern California in February, we now have to stay at AirBnBs for Bevo and Bernadette.

Our first trip together since my first Travel Agent training session in Glendale, California was for a wedding I had to work in Fort Bragg (Event Planner). In January, we stayed at the Motel 6 on Main Street. This time, we shared an adorable 2-bedroom AirBNB with a Bridemaid who also had a dog.

Just north of the main town of Fort Bragg and down a gravel road from a portion of the road lined with tall trees is a green and cream home. The drive way was good for 2-3 cars and the House was easy to get into. You walk into a living room with a medium-sized dining table and fireplace, which worked very well. To the right are two bedrooms with queen-size beds, sliding doors to the patio and hot tub plus matching decent-sized closets.

In the spacious kitchen, Find a dining table, white appliances, and access to the laundry room/bathroom. Some special placement of the shower knob was needed to get it to spray from the shower head. It was stocked with towels and mini travel toiletries. More towels were found in the kitchen against the wall next to a small stereo and instructions on how to use the hot tub. Sadly, we didn’t get to partake.

Bevo enjoyed his time in the house and rolling around in the grass outside. I didn’t let him roam too much as the fences didn’t enclose the property. As I was leaving one morning, a neighbor’s dog chased down my car off leash. Unsure of how that pup would react to Bevo, my baby was kept close. Too bad, I was hoping to allow him some good yard time. But it was good to have him with me and not have to ask my roommate to watch him again, though I know she wouldn’t mind.

With so much travel ahead for me, I would love to take him with me. However, I feel I have exhausted our options - including medication and sound-studio quality equipment. I even looked into trailers so we could do road trips, but when I want to go explore, it still may not be best bet for dogs. Any recommendations would be appreciated! 

AirBNB owners. Please consider having your AirBNB dog-friendly. He’s a very good pup, house trained and doesn’t do any damage. I would be happy to recommend your property to my clients as a Travel Agent. 


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