St. Patrick's Day 2017

My best friend is Irish. My boyfriend is Irish. And Jameson is pretty much my liquid boyfriend lately. This Catholic is all for celebrating St. Patrick's Day this year.

The day started with what to wear - the color of shamrocks of course! I put on my Banana Republic button up and paired it with the retired Contessa Jade necklace by Stella & Dot. I received many compliments on the necklace. I remember the time I sold the same necklace off my neck at the bar The Wishing Crab of in Brentwood, CA.

Then it was time to work. The long day started with a lunch private party, then working an addition eight hours for a late dinner of 60 guests of Italianos! Italians eat late so it was understandable. A break was needed in between. Located one block over, Alta CA is open. Court Court and I headed over there to get a bite before we fed the next group.

Court had the Barbera and I tried their Flawless cocktail with mezcal, tequila, blood orange, vanilla, pecan, nonino and Galliano. It was served over crushed ice. The cocktail was pretty and Court was very happy with her glass of wine. For food, Court had their burger and I went with their Brown Rice Puffs served with an avocado dip with espelette. I have had their beef tendon puffs before with a malt vinegar powder (as reminded by The Dapper Diner) but these were much different. I asked for more dip and they were about to charge me but they hooked it up. Perhaps they knew we were neighbors.

We knocked out the private party and we deserved a reward or two. The kitchen broke out a bottle of the High West Double Rye Whiskey that we are pairing our dish with at the upcoming Whiskies of the World event on March 31st in San Francisco. Too lazy to walk to the bar for shot glasses, shots of whiskey were made from what ramekins we did have.

Six of us headed to Odd Job and I had three other friends join us as well. Yes, two visits to the same bar in 72 hours. We had a good time, almost made it to a strip club but ended back at DW for a smaller party. I had my first Irish Car Bomb in years with Teeling Whiskey, Guinness and housemade Irish cream. It was tasty and like the old days, it went down easy.

A bottle of Pol Roget, a plate of cheese and charcuterie and country music took us into the early morning, St. Patrick's Day or not. It was a good time. I slept until 1:30 PM on Saturday. I needed that.


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