#250KChallenge 2017 - Week 3

Measurements today said I gained weight. Well damn. This isn't going so well. And I know why. Whiskey and diet.

Last Sunday night, we had a foie gras private party. Our foie gras ice cream was the best offering. Just saying!

I also had a lot of caviar and crostinis. Damn those carbs! But nice shoes, right?

Shoes by Jessica Simpson and caviar from The Caviar Company.
The next day was my day off with MBT and we love whiskey as seen on my Instagram pic that the new Fort Green Bar in Oakland re-posted during Oakland Restaurant Week 2017

We also stopped at Havana in Walnut Creek for another beverage before going to our cooking class at Sur La Table. A separate post will be on that fun event.

The next evening, I had to attend my Cugino's birthday dinner and I picked up Beard Papa's Cream Puffs in San Mateo. They were pretty good! And not to mention the spread of meat, crab legs and birthday cake and wine. Oh goodness.

Seeing that I'm only on recapping the second day of the week and I know I make poor dining decisions with Court Court, I agree, I am eating extremely poorly. But it was SF Restaurant Week! We went to Plouf for a $40 3-course meal and then went to Pagan Idol because it was conveniently across the street! We had to get the $50 scorpion bowl-like thing. They light it on fire!

Eating terribly but still going to the gym! I see some progress but that could just be the shadows but I liked what I saw!

Snapchat 'bappletree' - New Spalding pants from TJ Maxx. $15 plus ShopKick points.

Nutrishop tank
Then it was dinner with Dylan with lobster, veggies, salad, a basil cocktail and gelato and sorbet. Kind of amazing. Then we checked out the new Sons of Liberty Alehouse also in San Leandro. Who knew! They have been open for 9 weeks and it was a good time.

But it was time to hike on Sunday morning. Trying to keep up with my resolution this year to hike once a month. We did almost five miles on Mt. Diablo (last time was in 2011,) then beer and BBQ at Southern Sweetwater Tavern in Danville. 

Soooo, goals for Week 4.

FOOD - I would say stop eating like garbage would be the best route. Tomorrow, Monday, will be tough. It's my company party and Monday with MBT is usually my cheat day. I need that to be my ONLY cheat day.

WORKWEEK HUSTLE - I killed again in the work week's hustle on Fitbit, with me in second place for the Weekend Warrior challenge and over 100,600 steps in the past seven days. I need to keep my streak going.

WATER - Need to count my water intake and flush out toxins. Sorry, Whiskey, you can't stay in me forever!

What are your goals for Week 4?


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