#250KChallenge 2017- Week 1 & 2

Weigh in and taking before photos the day before is never fun but they were done and posted. What also happened was that the first day of this 12-week long challenge didn't start off so good.  Friends and I pre-gamed at DW before a Luxardo cocktail competition at the Forgery down the street in San Francisco. I have only been there one other time before with a nice big group and it was nice to be invited to this industry event. I knew one of the competitors, Ryan. His entry was excellent and creative.

'Instafriends' & lovers of the advertising world, Julia & I. I just met her last month!

See the temptation. And so demanding!

Find Ryan and his delicious cocktails at The Treasury
Luxardo cotton candy. Can't say I didn't have any.
The night didn't stop at the Forgery. We ended up at Mr. Tipple's nearby for some lite apps, drinks and live jazz. The Rye All Day is still a fave of mine. Glad they've kept it on the menu. Then finished off at DW for more drinks and apps. Day 1 one terrible.

Week 1 didn't give me any major progress to report. The numbers decreased by a hair so I guess I can still consider it progress.  I vowed to do better the following week. I also started a bet with Dylan to see who can get down to 15% body fat first. The winner will be taken out to a nice dinner. I have never been down to 15%. I have gotten down to 18ish. So we'll see how that goes.

I did however win the Workweek Hustle Challenge via FitBit with coworkers and friends, AFTER being at the bottom for the first two days. I'd call that a come back! Cristen and I were neck and neck and it was a lot of steps. I was moving while Bevo was sniffing leaves, while drinking my shake, while talking to my staff during work and getting an hour in of cardio almost on a daily basis. I want to drop that body fat percentage!

Week 2 has been really good with the exception of one night where I had two drinks at 15 Romolo with Merk and Tara. It was a reunion! I feel like I am eating better, drinking more water, continuing with the hour of cardio, I have clocked in over 109,000 steps over the past seven days and I won this Workweek Hustle Challenge by almost 17,000 steps. Thank you, FitBit. I am also currently leading in the Weekend Warrior Challenge. Week 3's Workweek Hustle Challenge invites are already out. Game on!

Marina Greens from Project Juice
We love Project Juice at DW
MuscleTech protein powder, Organics from Safeway & my Magic Bullet.

Yup, just one leg. Silly auto-correct. SMH. Love my CaliMuscle gear.

The biggest achievement so far is that I have motivated two more ladies on my staff. Morgan tells me when she has gone to yoga, have picked up some weights and did some cardio. She is also looking forward to hiking with me and my group. A hike was planned for Sunday, tomorrow, but it'll be raining. Therefore it is rescheduled to the 29th. We'll see if the rain sticks around. I also have Adrienne on board! I post my workout pics on Snapchat and she's currently on vacation. She saw one and said, 'those arms though!' She makes me laugh. She said she wants to start a work out plan and thinks she would be lost when she goes to the gym. I told her I would go with her, teach her and make it fun. I told her to start getting up from her chair and sitting down, pushing through her heels to prep her for squats. She sent me a Snapchat video of her doing it by a fire pit.

Pardon my French.
I am so happy to have inspired people. I do like the progress and feeling more confident about myself but the fact that I am motivating people to do something that is good for them, to live a longer life and taking control of their happiness. You don't have to have won fitness competitions, wear a size two or be 15% body fat to make a difference. Just keep going. And here's to 10 more weeks!

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