#250KChallenge 2017

It's on like donkey kong. I believe I have been doing these Bodybuilding.com challenges for two years now thanks to friends, Nikki B. and Tatiana, who were training to enter their first fitness competition. It started for me with this challenge two years and it was really fun.  I definitely saw a change after 12 weeks, especially in my profile and I felt great like I could keep going! And so I did and am!

The last two challenges were #MyFitSquad and #30DaysofFit. I've gained two new fitness buddies last year, Cristen and Erika. It's been really fun. We send each other Snapchats of us being really sexy and sweaty post workout. It helps encourage each other.

Supporting fellow blogger, Section 36.

Bevo the Boston on Instagram (@bevotheboston)

Cristen and I work together and also started a food blog on Instagram called 'We're Hungry Too" @werehungrytoo. Daily conversations between Cristen and I go like this:

Me: "I'm hungry!"
Cristen: "Me too!"

We had to call it We're Hungry Too. 

Diet is a big part of meeting your fitness goals. After all, abs are made in the kitchen. Us being hungry all the time will be our biggest challenge.

However, I am game! I am turning 37 this year and I want to be the fittest I have ever been. With the holiday season now over, I am surprised I can fit into my extra small clothes and I can actually see a little badonk back there. It also helps that someone I'm dating has taken notice and that this working out thing is working. I have never been complimented on my butt before. So obviously my goal for this challenge is to keep getting those booty gains and tighten up that midsection. 

A previous goal was also to log a million pounds lifted on BodySpace (bappletree) and I would reward myself with something pretty. I prematurely did that when I was in Milan and bought a Giorgio Armani and Gucci handbag. So one million pounds is also a goal. I believe I am currently at 450,000 pounds.

Before photos get posted on Sunday. Those are always fun. But it'll help to see where you're at and where you will be. That reminds me, I should get a new bikini.

What would I do with the $100,000 winning? It will definitely go towards my house in Maui. The goal is to have one there by 40.

Good luck to all the contestants!

***UPDATE 1/11/17***
Just started a competition with my friend, Dylan. Whoever gets to 15% body fat first, they get a nice dinner. I'm currently at 22% body fat but was 18%. I can do it!


  1. Love seeing that tank top pop up in pictures! Good luck!


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