Oakland Restaurant Week 2017

For anyone that works in the food and beverage industry we know that January and February tend to be a bit slow after the holidays. Restaurant associations market Restaurant Week in Oakland and San Francisco. Why they overlap, I'm not sure. Restaurant Week is an opportunity for restaurants to attract business with a special two or three course special menu for lunch and/or dinner starting at $10. This is also a great time to try a restaurant that customers otherwise wouldn't have tried given their usual average cost per person.

Living in the East Bay and also dating someone also in the industry, we took advantage of our Monday off and searched for a spot to participate in Oakland Restaurant Week. After searching lunch menus online and avoiding the tempting $40 meals, we ended up at The Trappist with a $20 menu. It was a beer, a shepherd's pie and pickled veggies. 

Though accessible via Bart, we were able to find parking the next street over. We happily found our way into the Umami Mart and met Chris. Find bar tools, books on bar tending and the largest selection of Japanese beer and liquors in the nation I believe. The store was clean, well organized and definitely abundant in all things bartending. Chris was very friendly and helpful, plus he gets major props for knowing DW. I immediately told my Head Bartender about the shop since he also lives in Oakland.

Around the corner past the Starbucks, find yourself at The Trappist where the wooden sign hangs above the door. We almost passed it up. It's a narrow bar with seating in the back. As usual, I opted to sit at the bar. I like watching the bartenders in action and you often get great service being in the face of the staff.

I was there for Oakland Restaurant Week  so I didn't tease myself too much with the rest of the dining menu and ordered the $20 special and asked for the beer while MBT decided what he wanted. He asked for a few tastes of beers, not being a big beer fan. He tried a Saison and a Stout. He ended up with my beer as I liked the Barley Wine from Spain. Can't say I have ever had one from there.

My Oakland Restaurant Week special arrived and it was very filling. I have never had a Shepherd's Pie before and I can't say I would crave it in the future. I did enjoy the pickled veggies and I ate all of the greens. 

MBT had the grilled cheese with added on prosciutto and it was great. Crispy, warm and with some salt from the prosciutto. No sides.

Nice, unique beer selection, crunchy pickled veggies and a good grilled cheese. Cheers to Oakland Restaurant Week 2017.


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