Whiskies of the World 2016 - San Francisco

I am looking forward to today's Whiskies of the World event at Pier 3 onboard a Hornblower boat. DWSF will have a table and we will be serving up Bruichladdich Port Charlotte whisky with a foie gras torchon with candied bacon. 

This will be our first booth at an event and it reminds of me my days working in advertising with my various clients. This should be a really fun event, especially that I am absolutely loving whisk(e)y recently. I have yet to start my own log but I have been lucky to try so many hard to find batches.

Please follow me on Snapchat (bappletree) for a behind the scenes look at the event if you cannot attend. We look forward to meeting everyone!

This is #3 of 30 daily blog posts as recommended by a fellow blogger. Color U Bold says her views have tripled over a month due to posting everyday as step 1.  I am attempting to create more content. Thanks for following this journey.


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