Must-Meet Women: Melyssa Green, Co-Owner of On-Point Machining

Thank you for viewing the first 'Must-Meet Women' post. As I write this, the Democratic Debates are airing live from Flint, Michigan and the first possible female president, Hillary Clinton, duels Bernie Sanders. Like every person, man or woman, Hillary started some where. She was the co-founded the Arkansas Advocates for Families and Children in 1977, she was the first female chair for the Legal Services Corporation in 1978 and she was the first female partner at Rose Law Firm in 1979 (Wikipedia). At 68, she continues to make history.

Melyssa Green, Co-Owner of On-Point Machining in Pittsburg, California, has been a part of my history since day one as my only sister. As a CSU Hayward, now CSU East Bay, alumni, National Guard Soldier and mother of one, she also has a bright future ahead being one of the few women owning and working in a machine shop and manufacturing pieces in America. 

In a male dominated industry, there are very few female machinists. Melyssa has found zero female owners like her but have found and followed a few female machinists on Instagram. From the posts found under #femalemachinist, the few ladies that post seem to be young and proud to be in the profession. Courses at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, California for machining are no longer offered. How do we keep these jobs in America when we are no longer providing the education? Melyssa is constantly learning on the job. Her husband, Dan Green, has the knowledge and experience to set up the machines, provides quotes and still works a full-time job as a Machinist. Melyssa and their one employee, Carlos, can help run the machines after they are set up by Dan. Dan is a patient teacher (from personal experience, see my Hell On Wheels thread) and Melyssa has learned all of her machining and troubleshooting skills from her husband. Their 9-year-old son, Brent, spends a lot of time at the shop and will take on tumbling duties to help out. This is a process of polishing finished pieces. They are then air-dried and placed on the rack. Melyssa and Dan have given Brent the title of Office Manager. He definitely cracks the whip.

This family-owned and ran business is also molding Brent. He sees both of his parents working long hours with two jobs and Melyssa says she hopes that this exposure will instill some things in her son, including a good work ethic and understanding the value of a dollar. He is creative and computer savvy, does well in school and enjoys math, Mindcraft and building things such as Legos. By the time Brent and his generation are looking for jobs in the machining world, will they be available here in the U.S.?

Large companies are sending their orders to be filled overseas to cut costs. Yeah, them and everyone else, right? This causes a decrease in jobs in the U.S., less items created in America therefore decreasing exports and from Melyssa's findings, quality of finished products are lacking.

Why should clients choose On-Point over  sending their orders to be filled overseas? They are a small company with very little overhead. Many machining companies are too big and require a minimum order.  Melyssa says they have no minimum requirement and are open to do prototypes and take small orders from other small businesses like themselves. As mentioned, it is a family-owned and family-ran business that encourages and supports items to be made in America. Dan has a great rapport with their clients and can provide quotes with a quick turnaround, usually two days. Customer service are incredibly important.

What are two things can Melyssa do to grow her business? For one, more time will help. She currently works for a Japanese technology company in the East Bay full time and would ideally like to have enough consistent clients to allow Dan to run the business, meaning have one place of employment. With growth, she hopes to follow Dan's footsteps. Melyssa sleeps five to six hours a night. If you follow her on SnapChat (@themelygreen) for a behind the scenes look of 'shop life,' you'll see she is early to rise, works out, is a fun and silly mom, works the day job, heads to the shop, goes home to feed her family because wife and mother duties never get a break. Then repeat. 

Secondly, Melyssa recognizes the power of social media. She is extremely active with their SnapChat account as mentioned but also on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. "What's #FBLT?" I asked. "Facebook Like Tuesday." Well I'll be damned. There's a hashtag for everything. Melyssa also educates herself with reading what's happening in the industry on a daily basis. How she has time to deadlift, her favorite workout, 160 pounds is amazing. She is putting in the hard work and making sacrifices to get her business where it needs to be. And that is successful and growing everyday with her family. Plus Carlos.

How does she keep going? What advice does Melyssa have for other female entrepreneurs?

"Always have glue," our Lola, grandmother in Tagalog, mentions as she's attempting to fix her rose pin that I said was upside down on her lapel. Had I not mentioned it, it would have still been intact. I support this glue comment.

Melyssa responds similarly by saying lady entrepreneurs should stick with and surround themselves with like-minded people and to avoid Negative Nancies (not directed at all to the recently deceased Former First Lady like Hillary Clinton, Nancy Reagan). For Melyssa, it is a way to keep her motivated. She feeds off other people's successes and her efforts are recognized by those same people. For instance, her friend, Sherry Koyama, owner of Harumi K designs. See my Support Local Designers post HERE. Sherry has grown her business over the last year and a half, and though may not have known it, she has helped motivate Melyssa, not just by being a friend but by reminding her it can be done.

My sister was the first person I thought of when I decided THIS morning that I wanted and should start writing more informative content. I began Women Wednesdays at DW, have always been entrepreneurial, I own my own businesses and understand that the direction of my life is determined by my choices. Yes, this blog is about the world of fitness, travel, food and beverages and so much more from my perspective but I choose to also tell the stories and points of view of the wonderful women that motivate, inspire and encourage me. I would hope these posts would do the same for you. Though you may not meet the very Melyssa Green I speak of, perhaps you might find some of her in someone you have, will have or have had in your life that will give you exactly what she has done for me. To sum it all up, she has always been there for me. Just like I signed up for Pre-Paid Legal to support her ow how I never missed a day making sure she received a letter everyday when she was away at boot camp, I also have her back no matter what.  I hope On-Point Machining is as successful as I know it can be. Please share this post, follow and Like their Facebook page, support small, local, American family-owned businesses and make note of their contact information. Referrals are always appreciated. 

On-Point Machining
520 Garcia Ave., Unit A
Pittsburg, Ca 94565
(510) 206-6465
Melyssa Green

SnapChat (@themelygreen)

And now for some non-machining questions for Melyssa...and Brent.

Next travel destination? Melyssa would like to head to Wilmington, North Carolina to see a friend she has reconnected after 19 years with thanks to social media. Psst, GooglePlus was of some assistance. Can you believe it!?! (Ahem, thanks for the G+ love, folks. Keep it coming. XOXO.)

What is your favorite fashion or beauty item? Melyssa loves her Bare Minerals primer and foundation. It doesn't feel 'cakey' and she hasn't been a fan of liquid foundation. It feels light, it does a good job of covering up and it lasts long. 

"Now Brent, is there anything you'd like to say or add about On-Point Machining?"

"No comment." Thanks for your time, Brent.

How do you support local small businesses?
Would you be more inclined to support a company because of the gender of the owner?
What advice do you have for Melyssa?
Have a recommendation for my next 'Must-Meet Women' post?


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