#250KChallenge Week 11

One week ended in a trip of indulging in Vegas and then a week of babying a cold and taking it easy working out. Then it was time to get back to it. I needed to get more cardio in so I had two days of just cardio. I also took my Shredz to make sure I sweat like crazy.

Holy sweaty boobies! Haha, sent this one to Courtney. And now the whole world can see it. Y'know, that Adidas sports bra was my very first one that I bought in high school. I love it when things last!


Tuesday, my foot started to act up and cramp immediately after I got off the bike. I had to go home. I don't live very far from my gym and I had to pull over because my left foot was cramping. I was massaging it for at least 10 minutes before I felt it was safe for me to hit the road again. Once I got home, I thought I'd use the roller on it but it only made it worse. I massaged it a bit more then I thought I would soak it in hot water. My roommate has the tub in the condo so I just jumped up on the counter of my bathroom and soaked my feet there. It finally relaxed.

I had a full buyout to work and during set up, my feet were killing me. I had to stop setting up. Thankful my staff was awesome. I made an appointment to see a doc and spoke to a nurse over the phone. Kristian, my business partner, said I just potassium and demanded someone to go to The Market to get me a banana or an avocado. Of course, I told them it was ok. No need to send my staff to do something I can do. Regardless, my event was wonderful and I had happy clients. Well worth the pain.

Flowers by Tango & Foxtrot

The next day I took it easy and worked out at home. I was tired. I went to GNC and picked up some Potassium and Magnesium combo supplements and gummies for my hair and nails. I feel my hair is thinning a bit. Might as well kill to birds with one stone and one trip. Krisitian says I should only be taking supplements that are all natural and come from plants. He was disappointed with my suppl selection. Next time, KC!

The following day I worked from home until my 3pm appointment but went to the gym to just do cardio and after taking the supplements, I haven't had any terrible cramps. My feet feel a bit sore but that's about it.  My gym had these BelVita as samples and the blueberry ones are delicious! They were so good that I went to Safeway and bought me a box. And got some ShopKick points and more Monopoly pieces to win that beach house!

I had my doctor's appointment and didn't meet with my new PCP but another lady that asked me to get some blood work done and gave me a podiatrist referral. I need to get on that, an also pick up Vitamin D pills too. I'm just falling apart at 35 1/2!

Walking around and working with a fundraising networking event with nonprofits The Trevor Project and StartOut. I really do love being able to play a part in giving back to our community and changing lives.

Friday, I honestly can't remember if I went to the gym! I know I didn't on Saturday morning as I had a meeting with a Bride and Mother-of-the-Bride in Union City and then I had to get ready for our Whiskies of the World event on the SF Belle by Hornblower. My team and I got there early so we ended up at Coqueta and sat outside having drinks and paella! I will have to go into further detail but needless to say, I was not eating healthy that day. However, it was a successful event.

The night was filled with more food and drinking at 15 Romulo. My first time there was when my friend Sarah was in town with her then new boyfriend. Great spot. Busy! We had basically one of everything. 

Then it was Easter Sunday and I told my Lola that I was going to take her to a 9:15 am mass with intentions of going into work for a busy brunch. 

But, I ended up at home and going to back to sleep. After I rested, I went to the gym. It was much needed because Week 12 is upon us!!!

Those socks tho!
This is #7 of 30 daily blog posts as recommended by a fellow blogger. Color U Bold says her views have tripled over a month due to posting everyday as step 1.  I am attempting to create more content. Thanks for following this journey.


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