Sign Here, Here, Here, Initial Here, Here, Here AND Here

We are off today to sign papers on our new home. I am so thankful for my fiance taking care of majority of the negotiations, dealing with our Realtor and gathering all the documents, details, etc. It also helps that his mother has been a Realtor for over 20 years in Pennsylvania, that my father is a broker and referred us to an awesome loan agent that has gotten us a fantastic deal on closing costs. It was amazing to go to our parents for advice because they have been thru the process once or twice, but that they're in the industry.

It's been a crazy month and all these documents with legal verbiage and contingencies we've had to read, sign, scan, fax back, and re-sign about a bajillion times were a bit overwhelming for DB. I think he did a great job.

My name is pretty long so I've cut down my signature to just my initials when signing all these documents. It's also nice that my married named will have the same initials so the abbreviated signature will remain the same.

But we are off to go sign the pile of paperwork and hope to have the keys in our hands by Wednesday. We woke up this morning, looked at each other and just smiled. One more BIG step to moving into our first beautiful home will be out of the way.

Stay tuned for the contact info for these wonderful people.


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