My Girl, Lauren Tarantino - LA, August 13, 2010

I met this sweet girl while working together at The Bridges Golf Course in San Ramon. We both worked in the restaurant and we immediately got along even though there was a slight age difference. I believe I was 23 and she was still using a fake ID. We'd eat our lunches together after our shifts on the balcony, hyperventilate from laughing so much, and go out clubbing in Walnut Creek and San Francisco. She was all about having a good time but she was a sweetheart as well. Definitely a beauty and talented. Not only was she able to tear it up on the dance floor, she writes her own songs and sings.

The first time I heard her sing was at the Pleasanton Hilton during the summer where her father performed out on the deck. About a hundred people came out after work on a weekday and danced til the sun went down. I asked her if she was going to sing and I was blown away when she got up there.

She eventually moved down to Los Angeles to make her dreams come true. Every time I go down there, I try to see her. I stayed with her during one visit and then last year, on my way to my family reunion, I met up with Sarah and we went to see her at Room 5 Lounge in Los Angeles. I always get the FB invites to her shows but am bummed I can't make them.

She's been a very good friend although we don't talk much but it's always still so good to see her smiling face. Go check out my girl, Lauren Tarantino.

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