Biased much?

Every parent thinks they’re kid is the cutest, most talented or the smartest. They could be just a little biased, right? I know some people think “Oh, sure” when I say my nephew, who is a big Jason Statham fan, is the cutest thing. But isn’t he though?

Well, I don’t have any children of my own but my little Boston Terrier is super cute. One of my clerks thinks he’s pretty ugly but Bevo gets compliments all the time because he’s always smiling and his face is extremely expressive! He’s so friendly with people and not a bit territorial with other dogs.

I have entered Bevo in some online cutest pet contests where your dog has to be rated the highest or get the most hits. He always received high ratings and I was joking with Momma DB last night that his cuteness is going to waste. He needs to make Mommy and Daddy some money and start pulling his weight around here. Though a cash award wasn’t available, on Twitter, Kristen Kelly from Season 5 of The Bad Girls Club in Miami last year was running her own Cutest Pet Contest. She has a dog of her own named, Yuki, and is a big animal lover. If you remember from her season, she got a tattoo of the BGC heart on her hip, I believe, and told her mother. Her mother was disappointed with her and threatened to cut her off financially. Her response was, ”So does this mean I don’t get a puppy?” Straight comedy. Then when Morgan’s replacement arrived, Kayleigh, they became friends and Kristen’s shadow. I loved her comment: ”I’ve always wanted a puppy.” Kristen was my favorite of that season because she’s hilarious, but it was reconfirmed when she chose Bevo as the Overall Cutest Pet!

Thank you, Kristen! We’d love to meet you someday! I KNOW I’m not the only one that thinks Bevo is a cutie.


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