Support our Troops

I received this from a friend and already have my letter and photo printed to send to the troops in Afghanistan. Please take the time to do one or as many of the below:

1) Tweet about this effort
2) Tweet me (@bappletree)with your message to the troops and and I'll print it and send it in the care package
3) Email me at your letter and photo and I'll include it in the care package
4) Contact me regarding your donation of materials on their wish list or helping with shipping costs via Paypal
5) Start your own care package

The holidays are approaching and they are a world and many seas apart from their families - all to support and represent the USA. The least you can do is send them well wishes, some holiday love and appreciation for what they do if you cannot support the cause with items on their wish list.

I will be mailing my package out on November 30th.

Do you have a friend and family member in the armed forces? Post their name, ranking and where they are stationed here. They should get some recognition.

JAMES OWENS (c/o Free Store)
APO AE 09310

(MAIL takes about 14-17 days to reach us)
(see some of our daily real customers below)

Background of this unit – we can’t say much about what we do here in Afghanistan, but we can tell you we are here fighting a different battle, we deal with the people and we help the government. You will not see us on TV. We are doing fine; just need that occasional touch from home every now and then. The human connection from home is important.

Next time you see something on TV, it will not be us, but you know we are here, that’s what really counts. We have U.S. and “other” Soldiers, U.S. Contractors, special people and all are a long way from home. I have started this effort for the soldiers here. The holidays are coming soon and it will just be another day for us. But we can celebrate later, with family. There is nothing like a little something from home, no matter what it is or who it is from. It just means someone took the time to send something we can use. If you can, just drop in a picture of yourself or a little letter just saying hello, we will pin it up in our “free store,” that’s how we do things here so everyone can share. Thank you and GOD bless, we will be home as soon as we can. Remember, next time you see a soldier, shake their hand or just say “thanks” they will understand.

o Most items requested are small like travel size because we have to take them with us
Used DVDs
Kleenex (small)
Shoe insoles
Dehydrated fruit
Saline nasal spray
Shaving Crème
Carmex, chapstick
Chewing gum
Kids toys (small)
Body lotion
Nail clippers
Stationary, post cards
Laundry mesh bags
Sun block
Baby wipes
Body wash
Eye drops
Hard candy (we give to the kids)
Peanuts (all types)
Playing cards
Trail mix
Jelly beans (candy that doesn’t melt easy)
Zip lock bags
Towels, wash clothes
Computer mouse


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