Lagade Family Reunions - 2005, 2008, 2010

August 14, 2010
Carlsbad, California

Honoring the strong women in our family affected by Breast Cancer

Honoring family members that are looking down upon us from above.


Men Hard at Work


Thank yous from Family

"Thank you for planning the reunions; you are awesome!" – Donna

"The brilliant people behind this fun, fun, fun event! Thanks for doing a great job AGAIN....EVERYTHING was great!" - Lena

My review on of the park:

My cousins picked out a great spot for our family reunion. It was large, had plenty of parking, had bathrooms with toilet paper and seat covers available, baseball fields, playground, lots of grass, BBQs, garbages, covered picnic tables and surrounded by a good neighborhood. We didn't have sketchy strangers come around. It was more of housewives pushing strollers in their work out gear.
Great spot!

No dogs allowed. Too bad for my puppy dog.

August 2008
Monterey, California

August 2005
Pacheco, California

Until 2012 in the Bay Area, Lagade Family!


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