The Code is 'BLACK'

As promised, 'BLACK' is the code for 20% OFF at The below email was sent to family and friends. Readers - please feel free to use the code and forward it to friends! HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I'll be heading out to Las Vegas!

Hi Family & Friends,

As some of you know, I have added to my list of 'jobs' as a Wellness Distributor. Working with brides that want to lose weight and have their skin glowing for their big day, me loving to go to the gym, and overall just help people live longer and healthier - doing this just made it a no-brainer for me to take advantage of this opportunity. According to economists, the wellness industry will be a trillion dollar industry by 2012 and I hope it will help
DB and I get our dream home, get our BMW back and assure our family will grow up in a good neighborhood and receive the best education. (No, not pregnant.)

SO, to play along with the big boys this week for Black Friday, I am offering you 20% OFF amazing products I personally use myself and will not do without.You can read about some of my personal experiences with these products on my blog (, but if there's one product that everyone should be on is our OMEGA-3. My LDL is back to normal, my nails are stronger, no more dry scalp and studies show it decreases the chance of developing breast cancer. BIG DEAL for me and my Lagade family with two members already affected. OK, enough! Here's the code to use at the time of checkout at


Code good NOW thru Black Friday.
Please pass onto family and friends you care about.

Feel free to call/email me with any questions.



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