No Alcohol Until Mexico

Four glasses of wine was had during yesterday’s delicious luncheon with a friend at Chez Maman in Hayes Valley. We ladies work from home and have the freedom to get together for an outing mid-week. I know, in a nutshell, life is hard. We had the escargot and I had to have the carbonara, because I have been on the search for California's best carbonara since my Italy trip last year. We were comped a steak tartar, a creme brûlée and dessert wine. It’s nice to have beautiful friends.

With not being where I want to be for my week-long cruise on Holland America (book via me HERE!) and inevitable bikini-clad beach exploring, I need to step up my workout and my diet. I was working pretty hard for my best friend’s holiday party in San Francisco but a lot more of improvement is needed. This One Busy Bee has SIX job titles. I have to make it work.

Jewelry by Stella & Dot

I have decided when I just parked at the gym this morning and two weeks til our departure, I am going to cut alcohol. Thanks for visiting my blog for updates and let’s be friends on! Could always use the support. I am almost near 1 million pounds lifted. And I’m befriending more lady lifters. A lot of males send me friend requests but love supporting my fellow ladies working on themselves!



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