36 Hours in Boston

When a friend's life has changed due to a break-up, you book a spontaneous trip to Boston and leave next week. Thanks to David at the now gone Bijou Restaurant in Hayward, California for the liquid courage. The flights were booked via Kayak on my phone. This One Busy Bee has always taken the lead in doing something spontaneous and booking travel. It just makes sense for me to now be a Travel Agent. It is about time this blog post was made.

Not to waste any more time, you book a red eye flight from Oakland and land in Boston at 6 AM. Catching a cab to our hotel was easy. My friend, Christina, booked us a tour at the Samuel Adams Brewery at 10:15 AM. Beer in the morning? Sure! Why the hell not?

We took a quick power nap, I got ready in record time and we were on our way thru Boston to the brewery. We checked in, got stamped, toured some of the waiting area but thought we better find something to eat. Around the corner was a tiny cafe and we ordered some snacks and sat next to a friendly twosome. Small talk was had, perhaps phone numbers were exchanged, but we didn't see these lads again.

Then it was our time for our tour. It was a brief tour but you were told about the history, got to touch and feel and smell hops, see the many vats and then taste the beer! We were moved into a room and were given a few different tastes of beer. After that, make your way thru the gift shop and don't forget to catch the shuttle to Doyle's. This is a shuttle ride you'll never forget.

The driver was energetic in his shorts and fist gesture every time he said 'DOYLE's!' He'll turn up the music, turn down the lights and have the disco lights on with the stripper pole ready for you to show off on. Everyone on the shuttle was enjoying themselves. Doyle's is a famous restaurant that started in 1882, was the first home for Sam Adams beer and a must visit.

We were invited by some Canadians to join them at a corner table. Why not? We were down to make new friends. The gents were in town for work and after our luncheon, we accepted their invitation to go to Fenway Park. We were just going to wing our trip and they helped us make it a success. After an attempt to take their public transportation, I called us two taxis. They may have decided on the direction, I took care of the execution.

Early for our tour, which their boss paid for us (thank you!), we went to Beer Works for a beer, because it was beginning to be a beer-cation. It was an awesome spot with numerous televisions and many beers on tap.  We are a happy group.

Touring Fenway for these Giants fans was pretty cool. It has so much history and we had a good time with our Canadian friends and being silly with disobeying the sign on the Green Monster. Be sure to stop by the bar where you can watch the game from the outfield. Also, the men's room has a window over the urinal looking out to the bar area. It's pretty humorous. We know what you're doing, Dude.

This photo was taken in Section 36. I have gained a fellow blogger as a friend, Section 36, because of this photo. I have yet to meet this blogger in person. It's bound to happen! He even sent me a tank top and I have taken it with me on my travels such as Italy.

The Canadians had dinner plans and we parted ways with plans to meet up later that night. Christina and I successfully took the subway back to our hotel, grabbed a drink at the busy bar in the hotel and took another nap. Then, we got ready to pop our Boston nightlife cherry. We started out taking a taxi near where they were dining and stopped at a pub. I had to have a salad. We ended up at a club with the Canadians and that was a lot of fun. It was so much fun that after they closed, we weren't ready to go home. My feet started to hurt so a Canadian gave me a piggy back ride all around downtown. That was fun. We said goodbye to our Canadian friends and wished we could have had Patriot tickets too.

After more than a few hours of sleep, we checked out, left our bags at the hotel and adventured to walk The Freedom Trail to Paul Revere's house, churches, cemetaries, bridges and other monuments. It was then time to go to the airport. But before we got our bags at our hotel, we noticed that the Cheers bar was on the way. We HAD to stop! It's a tiny bar but if you can get a seat at the bar, order a beer like Norm, leave your card above the bar and grab a free pin on the way out. We had one more beer and unfortunately, our flight was delayed and therefore we missed our flight from Salt Lake City to Oakland. We did get onto a flight to San Francisco. Thanks to my Cugino, he was able to pick us up and take us home.

When I tell people about our spontaneous trip, they think I'm crazy. But hey, seize the moment and experience as much as you can! You can check out a city across the nation in 36 hours and enjoy it. Good luck finding some awesome Canadians too!

What spots would you visit if you had 36 hours in Boston?

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  1. Such a fun trip! You definitely hit the one spot I'd hit on a 36-hour trip to Boston!


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