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With just a few days until my friend, Catherine, and I depart the port in San Diego for Mexico on my first Holland America cruise and her first cruise ever, we discussed some items to do as we got a manicure and pedicure at Mimi's Nails in Castro Valley, California. First things first! Do not forget to get those nails done, Ladies! In Mexico, flip flops and open toed shoes are required. Don't be that girl.

While you still have time at home, this One Busy Bee highlighted the below with Catherine while sitting in those nice massage chairs.

1) Check-in & Important Documents - On Holland America's website, you can check in, print out your boarding pass and luggage tags. Unfortunately, I did not see an invitation to download an app and have all these items easily accessible but hopefully this is something they are working on. Besides the documents already mentioned, I printed the confirmation of the excursions we booked and our full itinerary just in case there are any discrepancies. Yes, we live in a techy world but I am one to have backup plans, or documents, available. I also have a photo of our passports saved in a Travel folder on my iPhone should we need this information while the passports are locked away in the safe in our cabin.

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2) Travel Notifications - Be sure to alert your credit card companies and bank that you will be traveling so there is no disruption in using your cards. I had an issue while in Santorini, Greece (Ginger Sushi Lounge, Santorini) and had to call my card company twice. Be sure to have a back-up way to pay as some corrections on the company's end may not be instantaneous.

3) Cell Phone International Usage - I absolutely love that AT&T only charges $10 a day to use my phone abroad as I normally would in the States; which is A LOT! I just paid over a $1,000 for the Apple iPhone X. I better be able to use my phone! Back on my first cruise in Europe in 2012, I had a very limited plan and the search for free wi-fi was like a scavenger hunt. Just pay the $10 a day. It's totally worth it! Plus, don't you want to see what this Travel Agent and One Busy Bee is eating and doing? I hope the answer is 'Yes!'

4) Prep for Downtime - Before getting onto your cruise, you have to get there first. We are taking a Southwest flight from Oakland to San Diego. (Shoutout to Southwest for my #SWAGIFT. You're the best! I love Twitter too.) Prep for some downtime with a portable charger if you'll be playing games or watching videos on your device that you spent a month's rent on. Catherine has a Kindle by Amazon. I'm going old school. I still have a stack of magazines on my nightstand I keep saying I will get through one day. I will be packing a few of those babies in my luggage and Stella & Dot carryon. This foodie loves Bon Appetit and this #GirlWhoLifts has some Shape magazines to balance out that love to eat. From my cruise aboard the Reflection by Celebrity Cruises (where I gained 10 pounds in one week!) and participating in the Princess Cruises Academy, cruising has so many activities to choose from while on the ship, besides eating. Oh man, my taste buds are going to enjoy themselves. There's a casino, shopping, movies, shows, seminars, the spa, the gym, etc. There are many locations to relax and enjoy some downtime. I remember reading Catching Fire near the indoor pool during a water aerobics class and chilling in these oversized chairs. What would you read?

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One of my favorite pictures of my Cugino ('cousin' in Italian) and I.
jenga, celebrity cruises, travel
Jumbo Jenga - at sea.

5) Spray Tan - Though changing the shade of your skin may or may not be applicable to you but along the lines of getting your gel manicure and sparkles on your toes, do something that makes you feel confident or buy something new you want to wear for the first time on your cruise. Reports have shown that Americans do not take vacations as often even though they have accrued the paid time off ( Some people cannot afford it. Getting a fresh haircut or buying a new dress for your vacation will help you get ready for your cruise and prepare your mind that the stresses of every day life will need to take a break. You deserve it!

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Arriving in Napoli, Italia - PIZZA!

Catania, Italy, Celebrity Cruises, travel
Make new friends on a cruise. This is Brad. Jewelry by Stella & Dot.
If you're booked for a cruise, awesome! If you haven't checked off the above with a few days until departure, get movin'! If you need to book a cruise, I'm your girl.

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Ephesus, Turkey

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