Kill the Lights

The lights did go out when Luke Bryan took the stage on Friday, April 29th in Concord, California. He is currently one of the biggest names in country music and is one of my favorites. How could he not! Look at that face!

The very first song I liked of his was 'Rain is a Good Thing.' 'Whiskey makes my baby feel a little frisky.' That is also a line my baby nephew didn't understand so he never got it right when he was singing the song. Country music tells a story, has fun lyrics that aren't all about 'bitches and hoes' and money. And I'm OK with the sound of a banjo like on Taylor Swift's 'Mean.' But beyond that song, I have to thank my ex-boyfriend and Marine for turning me onto country. It all started with Kenny Chesney, who I have seen once live.

Luke's 'Rollercoaster' also hit home when I was talking to a man that I met in Boston on our 36-hour-trip but lived in Ottawa, Canada. It was an interesting 'friendship.' He crossed borders to visit me here in San Francisco and then we met up in Playa Del Carmen to discover we both never want to hear from each other again! Until then, the Luke's song reminded me of 'Maple Syrup,' as my friend and former Law Clerk of mine, Albert, would call him.  I haven't heard a peep from him since we gave each other an awkward hug goodbye from our shuttle bus. It's pretty funny. Perhaps this is inspiration for your next song, Luke. 

My current favorite song by Luke is 'Strip it Down.' So sexy. It's right up there with Jason Aldean's 'Burnin' it Down.' I will have to see Jason soon. He's grown on me lately. Especially with that super hot single.

The concert was really fun with Sunshine and Courtney.  I don't feel like I have done much outside of work and this was much deserved. It was a nice but windy day in Concord and we sat in the parking lot with our red solo cups, champagne and bag of Kettle Salt & Vinegar chips. A total cheat day. A cop on a motorcycle came by and told us we couldn't drink there. Seriously!!?!? Shoreline Amphitheater on the peninsula doesn't allow tailgating. No fun. But the cop was joking. Love it when they have a sense of humor. And men in uniform for that matter. Who agrees?!? We do!

Tailgating was accompanied with 'lady' talk and Periscoping about dating, sex and men. It was only live for 24 hours but it was pretty hilarious. My SnapChat story was even moreso the next morning. Funny how this Periscope video had the best numbers than our videos from the office talking about DW. Totally understandable. 

Pretty tipsy waiting in the long line to get in and the bathroom lines were no joke as well. We bought two bottles of overpriced wines by Cupcake. Man, the markup! Then we found our patch in the grass.

Dustin Lynch opened up the show and I missed a little bit of him and then Little
Big Town! I have loved them but my favorite is Tornado. It going out to a 'special' ex-husband (I'm Single post). They were great. Unfortunately no photos of the artists are posted here as I was too far away in the lawn. We had a great time and were a bit intoxicated. Thank you, Luke, for bringing us together.

Next up: two Los Lonely Boys concert in May.

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