Memorial Day Weekend 2016 - SFMOMA Reopened

The original plan was to go to the De Young Museum with Mackenzie to visit the Oscar De La Renta exhibition. It was an idea after a discussion with her about her ambitions and triggered me starting the #BernsFitnessChallenge on June 1st.  I haven't been to the De Young Museum in years and this was a perfect reason to go.

While waiting for Ji-Young to come down before we headed over to the Golden Gate Park, and while I awaited for a response to an unresponsive Close5 buyer to confirm the morning's exchange, I looked up the De Young Museum on Twitter. Their latest post was recommending getting tickets for the exhibit this Memorial Day Weekend. I didn't think that it would be a challenge to get it in. It certainly wasn't the Cal State Fair. General admission tickets were sold out except for ones at 5 PM. The exhibit closed at 6:15 PM. At that point, an hour and fifteen minutes wasn't worth the $25 admission ticket. The VIP tickets were also sold out. Well...

As the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) just reopened after their renovation, I suggested we go there instead. Two other ladies were joining us and they were in!

I parked on 3rd Street next to the new Spin Table Tennis Social Club. My friend, Tiffany Dickson, is the Events Manager there. We worked together at City Beach in Fremont, CA many years ago. She actually gave me a sneak peek before it opened. See another post soon. Spin was definitely open and the speaker wall behind the bar that wasn't installed when I first visited was finished and it looked really good. Tiffany wasn't there but I'm sure I'll be back to support her soon.

SFMOMA was just a block away. The Chevy's at the corner of 3rd and Harrison turned into a Fago de Chao restaurant. The XYZ Bar turned into Truce in the gorgeous W Hotel. Then you'll find yourself at the entrance of the SFMOMA.

Walk in and you'll have the larger gift shop to your left, along with a coat check area and apparently there is a restaurant on that level but I didn't see it. We climbed the stairs to the second level to buy tickets and wait for the other two ladies to arrive. Beware of the $25 per person ticket. Pick up a map because you will need it. If you are waiting for friends to join you, it's best to buy their tickets as well so you can enter the museum at the same time. We had a 20-minute wait before we could go in.

I should state that I only studied art in school and cannot intelligently speak on any of the pieces seen below but I can still appreciate someone's vision and hard work. I may not understand what the artists' intentions are but like music, the scents from various flowers or the feel of objects in a mystery bag from the outside, it triggers different feelings, memories and preferences, even as simple as whether or not they like it. I certainly do not visit museums often and this was a way to see my friends and be exposed to and surrounded by creativity. And yes, there's humor as well. I was not the only one saying, "I don't get it."

During this wait, be sure check out the ladies' restroom. I am not sure if the men's are designed the same way but I took one look, one selfie and walked out. It seemed like this was a bathroom for a club and orgies were occurring nearby.

There is a line to take the elevator up to the second of the seven floors or you can take the stairs. With Ji-Young being pregnant and due in three weeks, she was totally fine with taking the stairs. It must've been all that time doing cross-fit. And there are a lot of them. Outside you'll see the living wall, sculptures and if you're lucky LIVE models like this one. Only the beautiful may apply.

The biggest mobile I've ever seen. I then decided I would make Baby Alexander his own mobile.

Sightglass coffee anyone? I was tempted to get the Bernie's Best Organic Apple Cider but I was also interested in a latte and a snack. I opted in for the quiche.

"Is it supposed to be cold?" I have never had one that was cold before. Regardless, I was hungry. I ate every bit of it.

A milk drop. The Queen Bee sees a crown. I posted this on Dylan's Facebook wall. This was his style. He was happy that I let him know that it reopened. He's been wanting to go.

This was taken in San Francisco. I worked on the Chevron business for four years during college at Young & Rubicam.

"This is KC's brain." Love the guy but he's all over the place.

Funny that a Korean was standing by Korean-made piece of art. That's my nephew, Alexander, in there!

My kind of style. Black and white. Just like my closet.

'Bappletree' next to an apple. Only a few know me deep down to my core. I guess if you're reading this blog, you see bits and pieces of it. By far my favorite piece in the whole joint.

Express top, new White House Black Market jeans, Cole Haan shoes and purse, and Stella & Dot jewelry.
Only one of the most gorgeous men that ever lived: Elvis. By Andy Warhol. 


The bridge where you can see straight to the bottom.

White House Black Market jeans and Cole Haan shoes.
Up close I couldn't see the figure of a man. Ji-Young actually pointed it out from this distance.

I really liked the texture of this.

This was kind of creepy.


Visit SFMOMA at 151 3rd Street, San Francisco, CA 94103.

Have you been?


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