#250KChallenge Week 5

Oh, Super Bowl Sunday often carries into Monday. But Court, Rachel and the rest of the gang that stopped by DW had a great time.

We had too much fun there, went to the Marina to Jaxson for some country, more shots, then to The Matrix and then to Orphan Andy's for breakfast. I drove Courtney home and I believe I got home at 3 am and had to be work at noon. Needless to say, I did not work out morning.

Tuesday - I did make it to the gym but could not find my earphones for the life of me. 

Out of desperation, I purchased a pink pair of Skullcandy Inked buds and they were pretty terrible for $20. The cords were thin and tangled easily, they didn't stay in my ears and you couldn't control the volume on the mic like the Apple EarPods do. After 15 minutes of cardio, I went to do tris and abs and after one set, I took these off my body and worked out without music. Then I cut my work out short and did more abs at home...with music!

That evening, I commuted for the first time to the South Bay to see an old friend I haven't seen in 10 years. It's really cool to remain friends after 20 years, catch each other up on our lives once every decade and have nothing but love and best wishes for them. It is really interesting how different our lives are, how they are still the same in many ways and yet a familiar stranger, but also how so much happens over time. We are definitely getting older. I do love reminiscing about the old times though. Until our 40s, my friend. I didn't realize how much I missed you.

Wednesday was an unintentional rest day. I didn't even do squats! But I did walk a lot in heels. It was another 15-hour day that started with the Australian wine event HERE and then wedding reception that evening. The clients were extremely happy and we have selected one of our preferred vendors, Blooming Vase, for our florist.

Thursday - with headphones!!! Yes!!! I just did 45 minutes on the bike. Whoo! Sweaty. I need to do more cardio.

Then I used my bands to do some booty work and did some curls. Glad I did because my Wine Director mentioned that my arms looked really toned. Nice! That kinda made my day. 

Friday was another rest day. I just didn't feel very motivated. No excuses. Just didn't do it.

Saturday - I missed Femme Fitcamp to go to work and meet with an engaged couple and family for a tasting. They loved everything and I know I could help them with creating a timeline and a small but fun reflection here at DW. I then went home, worked out for at least two hours including much needed cardio and got dressed for a girls' night. A friend wanted his friends to meet my friends and that didn't end well for them. The girls and I ended up having a great time!

Sunday - I spent the night at a girlfriend's house and woke up on Valentine's Day with two other women. Get your mind out of the gutter! See some of the evening's events HERE. Needless to say, I did not go to the gym. Major fail this week.

I really need to step it up.


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