Not a Puppy Anymore

The Puppy Bowl is happening at The Ferry Building in San Francisco in Super Bowl City. Annie and I tried to catch some of the action on Thursday afternoon while we were our marketing DW, but the four-legged players were being escorted off the field for sanitation purposes. Sooo cute!

I am so thankful to my almost 6.5-year-old baby, my Boston Terrier, Bevo. He is definitely too old to dominate on that Puppy Bowl field, but I still love him! You can't win them all! Besides working non-stop, he is my only constant. The one I see every day, the one I sleep with every night and the one that loves me unconditionally. I am his human. And he is my Bevo.

I thought I would give my goofy pup some blog lovin. He's so cute, maybe he'll get me more unique visitors, perhaps some advertisers and finally pull his weight around this joint!

Due to working so much, he has a lot of time in his crate while I am at work. On days I work 15 hours, I take him to his doggie daycare in Emeryville, CA. He deserves it. Being older, he's now a little exhausted for at least 24 hours. Sounds like me after a night of libations.

And her is more Bevo!

He loves pineapple. 

So sleepy.

"Nope. MY yoga mat."


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