Boss Babe

I have never been one to think I'm gorgeous or call myself beautiful. That's a descriptive I leave for others. I'm not the hottest woman in the room, I don't turn heads everywhere I walk and I'm more cute than anything else. I don't let people's compliments go to my head but I am confident enough to want to look a certain way that I am solely happy with and have the life to match it. There are smart, intelligent businesswomen out there that don't dress the part. I choose to. When I saw BossBabe quotes on Pinterest, I had to follow them on Instagram. I'm a millennial and businesswomen of this generation are making it look good. 

When I walk the floor of DWSF, I always wear heels. I'm in love with shoes by Cole Haan and Jessica Simpson. People would ask how I manage all day. Heels make me feel confidant. You hear the clicks on the cement floor and you can hear me coming. My Service Manager is a confident and well-dressed man and told me he likes the way I walk. Confident, graceful, with style and demands attention. My business partner says I'm the best-dressed person he knows. 'Can you get all of our staff to dress like you?' Shopping day with our Wine Director has happened once and I style others with my Stella & Dot jewelry. 

During the day, I'm dressed for business. For girls' night, I have worn sexy, black, misleading lace dress which I've been told repeatedly, 'that's not a dress.' It could pass for some private evening wear. And football Sundays, I wear a 49ers hat, a Faithful, red shirt, cutoff Abercrombie & Fitch jean shorts and sparkly silver Reef flip flop I bought in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico earlier this year. A male member of my staff, one that has a style of his own with his red suspenders, notices the wardrobe changes and says 'I don't know how you do it and still look good.' 

But to further on the BossBabe lifestyle, I'm here on a Sunday, waking up at 6 AM and hustlin'. I need to figure out this business and make it beyond successful And I intend to. 

To all the BossBabes out there, let's do this. 

Just me
Headshot by Dylan Douglas Photography
Shout out to all the other female business owners;
Melyssa Green of On-Point Machining
Sherry Koyama of Harumi K
Justina Downs of Intertwine Hair Design
Dr. Christine Zapata of Vitality Specific Chiropractic
Vicki Tisdale of Mujicians Brewing Company
Christina Perricone of Xtina's Fit Tips
Christina Vela of Mary Kay
Martha Lind of Olinda Organic Farms


  1. Haha! Thanks for mentioning me! But my work outfits consist of denim capris, a tshirt, and sneakers--lol.

  2. Way to go, Bernie! Keep workin' it!

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