Hello, 2015!

It feels like another year has blown by. Many wonderful things have happened and I am so appreciative for people that were right there with me, those who have played a part in them and for the long lasting memories.

I haven't really been one for resolutions but a new life will commence in 2015 and I should kick it off on a positive note and end it successfully. They say it's best to write your resolutions/goals down so here they are in no particular order:

- Continue to go international at least once a year.
--- 2/19/15 --- Update: Mexico is in the works for late March.
--- 12/21/15 --- Update: Mexico did happen in late March. 

- Continue to hike once a month.
--- 2/19/15 --- Update: January - done! February - Angel Island!
--- 12/21/15 --- Update: Lake Chabot, Oakland hills twice (May & Nov), the Bay Bridge Trail (Oct), the Presidio (Dec)... Have some making up to do.

- Lower my BMI and maintain and maintain it by exercising and being more cautious of what I put in my body.
--- 2/19/15 --- Update: #200KTransform 12-week challenge in process. Lowered BMI!
--- 12/21/15 --- In the middle of #30DaysofFit. Haven't weighed in in a few weeks.

- Run my first 5K race.
--- 12/21/15 --- Update: haven't ran in a race but last 5K I did was on Halloween with bunny ears and a bunny tail around Hayward. Signed up for the Hot Chocolate run with friends on 1/10/16. I should probably run before then.

- Maintain positive relationships, end those that hold me down.
--- Distanced myself from one in particular.
--- 12/21/15 --- Update: so far so good. #ByeFelicia

- Continue to try to be a better manager.
--- 12/21/15 --- Update: I really do love my staff. My favorite comments I hear is that my staff loves their job, that they would rather work with me, that it's me they are referring to when they say 'I need the bossiest of the bosses," and "I will always come back to work for you." I may not have all the answers but I am doing my best.

- Excel at DW.
--- 12/21/15 --- Update: Since transferring over to Events in October, Christina and I have kicked ass. Kudos from our clients have been incredible.

- Less possessions, more experiences.
--- A few items are listed on Close5. Take them away!
--- 12/21/15 --- Update: Trying to sell my motorcycle. Need to get rid of more.

I'm sure I'll add more. Here's to 2015! Good luck to all of you!


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