Their First Taste

It was another great evening with wonderful company and deliciously creative cocktails. The Financial District of San Francisco was calm - not a cloud in the sky, nor strong gusts of wind. But 83 Proof was stirring, filled with the smiling faces of the people we have a great appreciation for since the beginning of this adventure of opening DWSF. Coming from all different professional backgrounds such as finance, architecture and design to even film, they share a common interest in the experiences where food and drinks are the catalysts.
Our Mixologist, Zachary T., greeted each one of us with a glassful of his punch. Throughout the night, he made three cocktails from DWSF's newly created menu. This was their first taste. Without revealing too much too soon, one cocktail in particular did receive more praise. No doubt it was pleasant to the taste buds. I loved the name and based on where we are located, it belongs on our menu.
A few individuals were missing but it was nice to see those that were unable to make it to the initial gathering. A heartfelt speech was made by Kristian and it just brought me back to hearing the wonderful comments by our investors a few months ago as to what was the appeal to working with us. Again, I am reminded of their trust and faith in the project and our operating team, and grateful for their patience. It's motivating.

On a more personal level, I had my biggest supporter with me last night: my father. We are very much alike, though he would joke that the 'bad' traits I have, I didn't inherit from him. We both have a silly sense of humor, like things done a certain way, are strong enough to prefer to be hurt by the truth than mislead by a lie and he has raised me to be incredibly independent, like him. He knows me and has accepted the fact that when I am determined to get what I want, nothing is going to get in my way. And I want DWSF to be successful. I also want to make him proud. I didn't go to an Ivy League school. I don't have my masters in anything. I haven't given him a beautiful granddaughter he continues to ask for. But DWSF will be MY first taste of true success. I think he will be happy with that. And so will I.

Thank you for reading as we continue on this journey.


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