Steinwreckers - Roller Derby

I am all for representing the Bay Area teams but my cousin is #300 Lea Nidas of the Steinwreckers out of Marina, CA. I have seen one bout when they were in Santa Clara last year and it was quite exciting! Of course, I'm in the audience having a natural reaction of getting all mad and defensive when someone knocks down my little cousin! I know it's part of the game...settle down.

I typically propose a place, activity and date of my family's quarterly get togethers because a family reunion every other year or seeing each other for the unfortunate funeral services isn't enough, in my opinion. So... I proposed the event on Saturday, April 6th. I'll be there!

Support your local teams, or your family members! See below image for the schedule of the Monterey Bay Derby Dames.

Go Steinwreckers!!!


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