A Pleasant Dream & The Supernatural

There have been stories since Lolo has passed of his presence in the house in which he lived with my Lola. My family is very much a believer of spirits of loved ones visiting from time to time. I have always been frightened of such visits. On the early morning of his passing, I climbed the three flights to my condo from the garage and thought to myself and to Lolo a request to not appear to me just yet. I wasn't prepared. Perhaps it's the supernatural films that intrigue me but keep me awake and hidden under the covers at night for days.

My Uncle Lomer said that he was at the house washing clothes and a stronger than usual push of air came out the vent. Another time, Lola was laying down on the couch in the living room with the television on. The tv turned off for five minutes and turned back on. There was not a black out. It happened around the time in the afternoon that they usually take their nap. Lola also says that she has felt fingers pushing her arm as she slept. My cousin Nolan was in town from Colorado and slept in the office. He said he woke up to sores on his feet and the next day they were gone and had no explanation as to how they developed over night.

Lolo hasn't visited me in those ways. However, I had a very good dream about him last night. He was watching over me and I opened my eyes and all I saw was his face. No smile, but I could feel that in my sleep that I smiled really big at him and softly said 'Hi, Lolo.' It felt like such a relief to speak to him. I knew he was there with me and I felt safe.

Yesterday was also the first day at church without him. I also made it to the cemetery before my Lola and Uncle arrived. I sat at the foot of his grave and spoke to him. I couldn't help but cry and miss him.

My sister is still grieving. It's a healing process.

Have you had any supernatural instances with a deceased loved one?
How do you personally cope with the death of a loved one?


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