Ah man, do I regret not taking my BioLean more regularly. Like anything else, I got a little too comfortable with it. I haven't been sick in almost a year and a half and that is a record for me. I would forget to take it in the morning, I'd forget to restock my supply at work, or I would just say that "Oh, I'll take it when I get home."

Nope. Too late. Too much procrastinating and I got sick. I had a headache all day at work this past Monday and refused to take anything for it until late afternoon. I took some Advil. I got home around 8 pm, walked Bevo in the cold and immediately came back to the house sneezing my head off. I made my last plate of Thanksgiving leftovers, continued to sneeze while watching one of my new favorite shows, Pan-Am,

with DB and kept denying "I'm NOT sick!" I was but it's been so long. How could it be?

I had a hard time sleeping, texting my clerk saying I think I'm sick to ensure she'll be at the office tomorrow morning. But I took some Non-Drowsy Sudafed nonetheless. I was tempted to stay home and give into the cold but I didn't, still in denial, packing the Sudafed. I left the house at 9 AM, got to Oakland and had a hard time breathing. Non-Drowsy, my butt! I texted her saying I'm going to sleep it off in my car. I HAD to be at work as a client was coming in to get something notarized and I had to be there to perform it. I went into the office at 11 AM, found out that the appointment wasn't going to be until 3:30 PM. Around 2:30 pm, I returned to my car to sleep some more.

3:15 pm. Time to wake up. Performed notarization. I was going to head home after that but by the time I was done, there would be so much traffic on the way home I decided to wait it out. I went home and headed straight to bed.

Now, Thursday afternoon. My nose is sore from blowing it, my sinuses are much more clear, headache and dizziness still remain and now my throat is sore. Back on BioLean and have learned my lesson. I do plan on going to work tomorrow and to attend tomorrow's Ladies Night Out at Little Miss Everything in Brentwood.

220 Oak Street
Brentwood, California
Friday, December 2nd

Hope to see you there! Here's more info.


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