My How Time Flies

I am at a different time of life, for sure. My nephew is now 5.5-years-old, I have had two close friends and a cousin give birth this past summer, I have a home of my own, plans to be wed, honeymoon plans are in the works and by next Christmas, I will be pregnant myself.
Christmas 2008

I spent some time this weekend with my Maid of Honor and her 4-month-old son, who I call my nephew. She has no biological siblings and she's been my rock though so much in my life. I want nothing more than for her to be happy and for her son to truly think of me as Auntie. We've been friends for over five years but man, a lot sure does happen in half a decade. She's a fantastic mommy and I am happy to see her in a good relationship, extremely happy, possibly up for a promotion and has a partner that works things out well as a couple. I just heard this weekend that they plan on having baby #2 next year. Perhaps we will be pregnant at the same time!

I brought along a mutual friend, the one that actually I wouldn't have met my Maid of Honor if I hadn't hired her, Julia. This was her first time meeting Baby Nathaneal, which was long overdue. Julia and I have had our ups and downs, periods of time not speaking and honestly it's a possibility that this is the case because because we are alike to a degree. It's been a year since we started talking again and through casual days of hanging out and email, I am still learning new things about her.

It wasn't until we were all in the same room together, plus another couple that we caught on their way out, that I realized just how much time has passed. Julia brought up that fun holiday party of 2006 where we were having fun with Fruit Roll tattoos and rolling them up and putting them in Smirnoff Ice Black bottles. They tasted pretty darn good. Julia also mentioned Christy's birthday party that I don't remember being at, things I didn't know she didn't like to eat... I can't recall having a recent reminiscing conversation with Christy. It's all about current events. Regardless, we were all different people at that time, our relationships with each other were different, we were in different relationships, working different jobs... It's just kind of crazy how much life happens that strengthens a relationship, or to not even realize it's dissolving or to make a conscious choice that you can't put anymore effort into maintaining it.

Christy, my Maid of Honor, is headed in the right direction and is the happiest I've ever seen her. Julia is happy as well, and finally with a guy that's older than her who wants the same things she has always wanted. Who knows where we'll be in another five years? Still friends? Moreso acquaintances? I get that life happens, priorities shift and you just never know. But I have an inkling...

Here's to some great times, great memories and lessons learned.

Union City, California

Fremont, California


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