90% of Stylists Have Children

I came across this posting on Twitter today and it got me thinking after having a phone conversation with Christy last night. All the while in the drive-thru line at In & Out Burger (I'm bad, I know!), devouring the burger on my 5-minute drive home, having a few bites of fries when I got home (animal style, not recommended), walking the Beeves in the cold, cleaning Mamas' litter box, taking out the trash and wrapping DB' presents and a surprise Stella & Dot gift a friend is giving his wife. As mentioned in yesterday's post, Christy is a hard-working new mom. DB and I joke around that I'll someday be that house wife, that I can quit my job now if I wanted to but knowing me, I need to work and contribute a little bit financially to my household. This article says it is best to have a working mom. Even part-time.

Fit Pregnancy Magazine: A Job Is Better For Mom's Health
Posted today, December 14, 2011

A previous study put a $122,732 annual price tag on the work that moms do at home. Wow! If only most housewives were paid that much! In reality, they don't. My goal as being an Independent Stylist with Stella & Dot is to still have that satisfaction of working from home while taking care of my child. My child is going to be my whole world, but I know I am going to need some ME time, adult conversations (as Christy very-much appreciated this Sunday) and have a reason to NOT put on sweats that day and dress up and rock the Bamboleo ($228) at the supermarket. Oh trust me, I'll do it!

And like so many Stylists have posted, they have booked Trunk Shows in the most unusual circumstances.

I welcome anyone that wants to join my team and become a Stylist with Stella & Dot. Check out these stats!
.5% of the adult women in North America has been serviced by Stella & Dot – GROWTH POTENTIAL
10-15% are full time Stylists
34% of people attend a trunk show when they can
60% of Stylists have other careers
70% of Stylists thought they could never own their own company
90% of Stylists have children

Do you work?
Do you work from home?
Do you wish you could work from home?


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