Style Society, Limited Edition Pieces & Holiday Collection!

Isn't it great to have something that almost no one else has? Like your house, your spouse, your rare, pure-bred dog, a piece of history or a family heirloom? On my cousin's recent visit to the Bay Area from Hawaii with her husband and 2-month-old son, Sol, she, my sister, my cousin, Mike, and I received pieces of jewelry from our grandparents. Along with them, our grandmother told us when she received them. They were either given to her from our fathers, her sons, as gifts or from my grandfather on his trips when he was in the military.

I received a gold bracelet from Laos and a matching ring that is missing a ruby-like stone. No problem, I'll get the stone replaced. But how cool it is to have a piece of something that my grandmother has kept for decades? I hope to pass it down to my children someday. Whether it was purchased out of a vending machine or a street vendor, it will increase in value over the years.

Coming October 1st, Stella & Dot will be kicking off so many great things! If I thought September was great, October is going to freakishly amazing.

Blythe Harris and the design team will be bringing us Limited Edition pieces on a monthly basis for you and I to purchase. Remember that rare collector's item I was talking about? Now there are more chances to get one of your very own Stella & Dot Limited Edition pieces like these:

Yes, that's vintage CoCo Chanel.

This is the French Deco. There are only 200 of these necklaces! Your box will receive a numbered certificate if you are lucky enough to have one of these!

Also comes in a sapphire-like blue.

Also not pictured here is a Black La Coco Clutch and a Snakeskin Lafayette!

This is our loyalty program. By being part of the Style Society, you have access to purchase items from the Design Studio. Also, you can be entered into exclusive monthly giveaways. There are four easy ways to be a part of this Style Society:
1) Host a trunk show with sales of at least $500 within the last 6 months.
2) Be a Top Shopper and spend $300 with Stella & Dot within the last 6 months.
3) Be a Popular Guest and make a purchase at 2 different trunk shows, in person or online, within the last 6 months.
4) Be a Stylist! - I am! Are you? Join my team!

More new pieces!!! Be sure to check my site at on October 1st.

September's Trunk Show Treasure was a the Double Wrap Pyramid Bracelet at $20 off when you spend $50 or more. Now, when you spend $50 or more at a Trunk Show, online or in person, you can get the Renegade Layering Necklace, Renegade Cluster Ring or Renegade Hoop Earrings at 25% OFF! Discount will be taken off automatically.

I would love for you to join my team as a Stylist. Stella & Dot is extending the September offers to October. That means:
- For $199, get $450 in free jewelry! (Regularly $350)
- Plus a Black Leather Wristlet! ($74)
Have a Launch Party Trunk Show in October and get all the above, PLUS:
- The jewelry rewards
- 25% commission on its sales
- A free signature leather pouch that you cannot buy as a customer or as a Stylist!
- Earn possibly additional $500-$3000 in free jewelry in your first 100 days!

Sorry, September, I think I just might love October more!

Happy October and Happy Fall!!!


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