1000 Check-Ins

I received the above badge from FourSquare on my recent breakfast outing with Julia in Livermore. I had 1000 check-ins. And 21 badges. According to Yelp, I have 1085 check-ins, have been the Queen of Carson City, Nevada and got up to #12 in the Seattle area on my last trip to Seattle, one year ago. I love Yelp and all the coupons/deals I get just for checking in. I rarely check-in on Facebook unless it's something cool (to each their own), or I just want to be annoying and tag everyone I'm with. The last time I tagged someone was DB and I was talking smack on our recent trip to Umigo Racing in Livermore. For the record, I did not 'smoke' him.

I typically check-in just before I leave a place, not the very moment that I arrive. You really shouldn't make it known of your exact whereabouts, especially if you're alone. Recently, a friend's husband was with our group for dinner while his wife was in Southern California on business. He jokingly thanked God that she wasn't there so she wouldn't tag him at the dinner. "We might as well put a big sign on our front yard saying WE'RE NOT HOME! COME ON IN AND STEAL OUR STUFF!" I don't think folks should add their homes as a check-in spot. I don't add anyone I don't know on FourSquare. On Yelp, I don't really care.

Call it nerdy, a waste of time, but I think it's just fun to see where I've been, who I know that is close by, how many other users are there, what fun badges these companies come up with, etc. For the companies, it's great to know who is visiting their stores, restaurants, etc. They should really reward their customers more with this. Yelp is pretty good at this.

It also got competitive between DB and I for a moment, especially for our check-in to our local favorite sushi restaurant. And when Roo was still working with me, we'd battle out Mayorship of our place of work. It would be funny when DB and I would check-in somewhere and a list of people's profile photos would pop up of who else was there and sometimes we'd see someone eating alone and say "That's Jill S.!" And of course we'd never go up to them, wink, and say, "Hey, I saw you on FourSquare." Unless of course, I'm a few drinks in and just having a good time. I sometimes enjoy making people feel a bit uncomfortable.

There's a check-in app that only one of my friends use called Miso. You check-in with what you're watching. I think I'm going to remove it. I don't use it anymore. I check-in enough.

Which check-in apps do you use?


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