Looking for my 100th LIKE

Offer stands until I get my 100th 'LIKE'. As a consumer myself, I rarely sign up for e-newsletters and only follow companies on Facebook that I really like, am a repeat customer for, and if they're a company that does not flood my timeline with more than 2-3 postings in one day. Please rest assured that I will not post more than 2-3 times a day, mostly it's just one per day. For those on my e-newsletter list, I only send out a blast 1-2 times a month.

Who and What do WE win? I am looking for my 100th Like. Since I am 24 shy and still want the 76 people that like my page already to have a chance at winning, my 100th Like and their friends can win! When you "Share" or "Invite Friends" to Like my page, they might be the 100th one to do so. If they are, I will ask the WINNER to provide me the names of 10 of their friends that also Like my page and they will win as well! You and your friends could win gift certificates ranging from $10-$50 to use on Stella & Dot products! Must contact me directly to redeem.

Good Luck!


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