Trying Out Biolean Free, etc.

9:50 AM - Popped my normal 2 Omega-3 by WIN and 2 Biolean Free.

10:30 AM - Holy Moley! They weren't joking when you'll get a jolt from the Biolean Free. Wow.

I also wanted to mention that I have always had a dry scalp but since I've been taking our Omega-3s, that has also gone away. Amazing. I didn't change my shampoo or conditioner. I was reading the FAQs on our Omega while at the gym and I realized that I haven't had a problem for quite some time. Usually, when I'm driving and I look in my mirror I can spot some dryness where I part my hair. Not cute. But not anymore.

10:55 AM - Whoa. Hearts beating fast. Mind going a million miles a minute. I don't think I need Biolean Free. Some Distributors really like it. I think I'll stick to my normal Biolean.

11:15 AM - Shakey, Shakey. Vicki says she gives it to her 78-year-old mother. I wonder how her body reacts to it.


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