So long to my 20s...

Today’s the last day of being in my 20s. So long, farewell….

I’ll go into more detail later but I had a great time in Seattle with Christy and Christine. The club night didn’t out so well but Jenny rounded up some folks and took me to V Bar on Santana Row. $9 for Smirnoff. Child, please. I got to wear my dress and new shoes from Bakers.
At The Rack

The following night we went to The Saddle Rack in Fremont and I had a good time there. They switched out the band and I wasn’t a fan. You could barely hear the gal. I didn’t spend a dime on drinks. The bartender was hooking it up all night long. I loved it. I didn’t feel so hot after a night of drinking in Seattle and I really wish I tried WIN’s LipoTrim because I was not a happy camper. Lipotrim is marketed to reduce the storage of new fat and maintain healthy blood glucose levels so it blocks out stuff in cocktails that make you hungover. But this past Saturday, I think I had at least 7 shots and given that I don’t drink very much, I thought I was going to have a bad night… and morning. But I took the LipoTrim before we left the house and I was up and at it the next morning. I definitely got tipsy that night as Denny’s sounded and tasted soo good early that morning after a night of drinking and I passed the hell out in the car on the way home. I’d have to say LipoTrim works. At the Next Gen meeting a couple of weeks ago, I heard that some people sold them individually at college parties.

Tonight, a business overview in Walnut Creek. Going to go karaoke-ing with Brittany afterwards, and I think my boyfriend is taking me to dinner tomorrow night. I’m not sure.

So long to my 20s. Ahhh, memories…


  1. I did enjoy my 20's. Everyone wants to go back to their 20's, but the 30's can be just as fun.


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