The San Francisco Dungeon

"I don't like that." as I sat on a crate by myself in a dimly lit room awaiting the start of the experience of The San FranciscoDungeon. Four doors were in front of me and one had someone attempting to open from the other side a bit violently.  My roommate, Kim, returned from using the restroom and sat next to me. After our photo was taken in front of a green screen, we waited for the show to begin.  Thinking we were the only two for a 9 PM show, two gents from Kentucky arrived. We were a foursome headed into multiple rooms lead by an array of characters.

The experience takes you room to room with live actors telling you the history of San Francisco in the 1800s to early 1900s during the plague, James 'Shanghai' Kelly and Alcatraz back in the day. You can be in an elevator, a boat, a mirror maze, judged by an animated judge wanting to 'Hang 'em high!" and prepare to get spooked with theatrics and special seats and props, including a two story free fall drop.

It's a fun experience if you allow yourself to get spooked and not be so defensive. Don't be afraid to step up to be the center of attention and jokes for just a minute. It's all fun and games. 

Get your tickets through me as a Concierge and Travel Agent. It'd be my pleasure.

There is also a combo pack for Madame Tussaud’s next door. 

Carlos Santana
Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg

Rest in peace, Robin Williams.


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