Thai'd Up

Thailand has been calling, but I'm all Thai'd up with other travel at the moment. Asia isn't usually on my top places to go, even for an Asian American. But I have been seeing quite a bit of gorgeous photos via social media and my friend guessed I would be going there next for some reason. Perhaps someday. The closest I got to going to Thailand recently was receiving a gift from my cousin that was just there and dining at Osha in San Francisco.

When you are surrounded like crazy with seafood, you sometimes need a little variety (No More Seafood). I could have ran a bit more and completed my first half marathon if I headed straight to Osha at Embarcadero 4 for some food, but I didn't. My body was pretty tired completing my first 10-mile run as I trained for my first Team in Training event. Instead, this One Busy Bee grabbed my belongings from my starting point and work at the Argonaut Hotel and waited for the F street car and decided to stop just shy of my Embarcadero Bart Station stop. 

With a dining room and a lounge area, you have your choice of where to sit. This location is also closest to the Ferry Building and the water fountain I used to run around in as a kid with my family. I have been in for happy hour and now post-run. I sat at the bar as I usually like to do and quickly reviewed the menu. My body hurt and I needed food on a Meatless Monday. I went with the standard Pad Thai with just vegetables. The lady next to me ordered the same thing. Our meals came out quickly and steaming, and most importantly, delicious. She joked that we should have shared as it was a massive amount of food. I took a few bites to satisfy my craving for substance, got it to go and paid. Thanks for the very friendly service and it's nice to know they have plenty of space for events. I always have multiple hats on.

Thailand isn't on the list of soon to travel to locations but we never know what the future holds...and the opportunities! I wouldn't mind a spontaneous trip. Let's make it happen! If you're a hotel, tour operator or restaurant and would like to partner up, email me!


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