Limon Rotisserie - Walnut Creek, California

"This chicken is so good."

"I've never had Peruvian food before."

"I have to come back to try their other items."

I love exposing my friends to new restaurants. I like that my friends come to me for recommendations on where to eat. Those friends even passed on my recommendations to those from Hawaii who will be visiting the San Francisco Bay Area in the near future. The power of word of mouth is so important. In this day of age where information can travel in a split second, business owners need to value every inquiry and customer in hopes of new business and to create repeat customers.

My friend Tara is one of my oldest friends. It was her birthday this past week and we decided to meet half way and have lunch. I opened my OpenTable app and found Limon has opened a location in Walnut Creek. I have been to the location on Valencia Street in San Francisco and had a delicious meal and excellent service there. I couldn't go wrong with Limon.

I grew up nearby and have partied at local clubs and bars on and near Locust Street in Walnut Creek. Now more closer to 40 than 21, it was odd to see the different storefronts and how they have changed over the years. Limon was a great addition. I also see that Sauced has moved it. I have been to the Livermore location and who can resist BBQ?

Parking may be found on the street. Watch out for the meter maids. Make sure you obey the posted signage or pay for parking in the parking garage across the street. Unfortunately, Limon does not validate parking.

You'll pass their outdoor seating area and enter to meet the Hostess on your left. I see that she was busy on the phone and to go orders were waiting to be picked up. I was sat at a table for two and away from the draft of the door I just walked through. The bar with about ten bar stools was in front of me with two televisions playing college football. An open kitchen was also in view and there was seating upstairs as well. The bathrooms are located passed the kitchen and gender neutral.

I started with green tea by Mighty Leaf and the empanadas because why not?! I just had a jamon y queso empanada from El Porteno as the Ferry Building recently. El Porteno's has denser shell and accompanied with a spicy green sauce. Limon's was more like a fried won ton shell, with shredded rotisserie chicken, carrots and parsley in a cream aji amarillo sauce (an essential chili pepper used in Peruvian recipes). The cream had a mild bit and I enjoyed the crispiness. This is a great starter to enjoy and share with your companions.

Limon also offered ceviche, whole, half and quarter chicken entrees with two sides such as fried yucca and arroz (rice), a grilled octopus plate, Peruvian paella and fried chicken. If you have read my other posts, I love all those dishes. Tara and I both had the Quinoa Salad. We asked our server if we could have their delicious chicken added to it. I'm surprised it wasn't an option. For an additional $7 more, the kitchen allowed it, especially since we both were ordering the same thing, therefore less labor. It is always easier to double the quantity of one dish than to make two separate dishes, don't you agree?  The salad came with frisee, spinach, cancha (crunky skillet-toasted chulpe corn), queso fresco and mint with a lime-based vinaigrette. The chicken was just as I remembered it being, moist and flavorful. The salad was lacking in dressing so I requested a tad more. The cancha was basically like Corn Nuts and large kernels.

Unfortunately we weren't offered dessert but it was OK. Avoiding the temptation was kind of appreciated.

Congratulations Limon on expansion. They have locations in San Francisco, Burlingame, Oahu and soon to be at Terminal 3 of the San Francisco International Airport. I look forward to visiting it on my travels. I know a lot of restaurants can struggle. You are clearly doing something right with such growth.


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