Living Room Live - W San Francisco

I have always loved the W chain of hotels. They are definitely my style, hip and sexy. I received an invite to the Living Room Live event of hosted appetizers and drinks with a local DJ. I was allowed to bring as many as guests as I could and I now have a life outside of work so I RSVP'd and invited friends.

I haven't been to the W SF, nor have I stayed in this hotel. I have had a room at the Newark, California location. That's nice. And have definitely had a ladies' night out there. It was nice to have our own area and some team members came to say hello. 

Mitzi, my food blogger friend, and my Instafriend, Julia, were able to join. Mitzi couldn't stay for the entire time and took off after enjoying that ranch with their delicious chips and took her photos. Follow her Instagram accounts (@mitzifood, @mitzidrinks). Julia and I continued our evening at the beautiful St. Regis hotel on the same block. 

We sat in oversized chairs near the fireplace and was provided wonderful service. We had the Purple Daze cocktails in honor of pride and the lobster nachos. But the sun-dried tomato flavored popcorn was my favorite. I had two of those little trays.

It was nice to add to my log of hotel experiences. Stay tuned for more! Hotels have been booked in New York City, Paris and soon in Champagne for September of this year. Very excited!


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